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Fishing to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in WoW


Chinese Lunar New Year is coming. Do you know what another way of saying the Lunar New Year? Yes, it’s Spring Festival. It is a family reunion holiday for some Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines.

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Fishing to celebrate the Lunar New Year. There will be an Artifact Fishing Pole in Legion and this recent alpha build added textures to the previously-data mined model! There are two variations, one of bone, and another with colorful fins.

                                              Fishing to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in WoW


As if epic and rare fishing poles weren’t enough to catch fish and slowly level up fishing, the next expansion will introduce an artifact fishing pole called the under light Angler, with its own traits and special abilities.


One of the biggest new features of Legion will be powerful Artifact Weapons that we can level up and modify, and each class and specialization will have its own weapon. Adding an extra fishing pole using the same mechanics certainly sounds like a good idea.


That’s mostly because fishing in WoW is one of the most tedious things to do. As the current alpha build of the game shows, we can modify this special fishing pole to be able to walk on water, teleport to the nearest fishing node, become a fish, and catch certain fish types. Sounds great!


Fishing is the only secondary profession where a piece of equipment is required to do the job, but still, maybe Archaeology would be a lot more fun with something similar.

Fishing to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in WoW


It is the new Legion beta Fishing artifact a sign of more profession artifacts. The Major traits are all interesting in different ways. Blood fishing implies that this major trait may be the only way to catch the Blood of Sargeras fish. Fishrender’s Blessing transforms you into a fish with increased movement speed and underwater breathing. And Fishbane increases your damage against underwater creatures.


Personally, I’d like to see an Artifact for every profession. Think of a smithing hammer of glowing runes or a legendary alchemy crucible. Of course, other professions would have a harder time. Either way, Fishing will get a nice bump come Legion launch time.


Wish you have a happy new year!


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