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wow patch 6.1

Guide of Patch 6.1 Garrison’s New Change in Follower in World of Warcraft: Harrison Jones

As a new follower, Harrison Jones comes with the special trait Mentor, who is a reward from the achievement of Don’t Call Me Junior (for both of the Alliance & Horde). And he also comes with the new trait Treasure Hunter which can increase players’ wow gold obtaining from missions. Moreover, if you upgrade him to epic, guess what, he can bring you more potential abilities.

World of Warcraft New Token System Would Restrain Wow Gold Selling Market?

As Patch 6.1 been successfully launched last month, the next mini expansion patch 6.1.2 has been put into practice nearly in the meanwhile. A dramatic breakthrough in test edition of the next mini patch is the Wow Token System which catches players and publicity’s eyes the most.Here is a brief guide of how this system works.The Token which is as currency can be bought from in-game store in World of Warcraft by real money.

Patch 6.1 DPS Practice Tests: Demonology Warlock is Grievously Weakened and Hunter Wins the Most

New Patch 6.1 has been officially released under expectation of World of Warcraft players last month. There are tons of changes within this brand new patch, and each profession has lots of changes as well. Here we bring the DPS practice tests which are considered as one of the most concerned aspects under the Patch 6.1.

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 (PTR) Adds Mini game of the Darkmoon Races after Selfie Camera

Been tired of downing Instance and all kinds of raids in the game of World of Warcraft? Go and try the new Racing Mini-Games which are now available in the PTR (Public Test Realm) of World of Warcraft Patch 6.1.

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 New Rare Pet Is Coming Soon: You Are Not Getting It Easily

A brand new and extremely rare pet is going to be released in Patch 6.1. According to inner wow news revealed that only one World of Warcraft player is allowed to enter for getting the pet each time when portal opens, and wowers will not know where exact the portal is, because it randomly updates in Draenor world. Once the pet is taken, portal won’t be available again in the following several days. It is obvious that how rare the pet is!

Will WoW Convert to A Free to play MMORPG?

Some gossips had indicated that the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, would transform to a full free-to-play game. Actually according to the latest wow news, Blizzard Entertainment officially clarified and confirmed that a free-to-play mode Veteran Edition which is similar to Trial Edition for wow starters, is a real issue indeed, but it is not as rife rumours suggesting that wow will fully convert to a free MMORPG.

Could WOW Players Expect More from New World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 in 2015?

Blizzard launched Warlord of Draenor in 2014 which successfully gained quantities of new registers and got a large number of old players who return to the “old” but fascinating online game again in the meantime. It’s no doubt that the year of 2014 is a “Big Year” for World of Warcraft especially throughout the situation of dramatic decline of wow users in the past few years.

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