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How to Fix World of Warcraft Legion App Not Connecting After Patch 7.2

Cathy DengJune 27th, 2017 8800

Is your World of Warcraft Legion Companion App not working since patch 7.2? Here MmoGah will give you the following steps to get it going again. More often than not, whenever there is an update or patch to a game, something always gets messed around a bit. Even the folks at Blizzard sometimes have problems after patching their games.

How to Get Artifact Points in Legion

Dean WinchesterSeptember 06th, 2016 12072

In general, artifact points will be your main theme in Legion. Since you get your first artifact, you should try to get the points to strengthen your weapon all the time. The artifact points will present as item, you can add it to your current specs artifact.

How to Get and Use Class Order Hall Resource

Nancy GAugust 26th, 2016 14383

Order Halls (or Class Halls) are a feature introduced in Legion of World of Warcraft. They are Class Order-based areas where players can hang out, similar to the Peak of Serenity for monks or Acherus: The Ebon Hold for death knights.

Ultimate Guide to Arms Warrior Rotation in Legion

Cathy DengAugust 19th, 2016 25828

This guide applies to WOW 7.0 expansion. The DPS rotation of arms warrior has taken into shape. Warrior's damage to single target mainly comes from: Mortal Combo, under the effect of Colossal Smash, Shattered Defenses, Focused Rage.

Guide to Demon Hunter Starting Quests

John RyanAugust 12th, 2016 14509

For Demon Hunter beginners of WOW 7.0 expansion, here is a detailed guide for their quests.

The Key Things You Should Know for World of Warcraft Legion

Alice FuAugust 09th, 2016 10328

This August will become a historic month of World of Warcraft. The 6th expansion Legion Returns sets off a boom in WoW again, taking lots of veterans back. With more and more WoW Gold orders at Mmogah.com website, it is time for players to stock enough gold now!

How WoW Legion Is Improved from Warlords of Draenor

John RyanJune 14th, 2016 10496

It has been almost a year without a “real” patch update after WoD released, which makes millions of world of warcraft veterans leave the game. However, with Blizzard official announcing WoW 7.0 Legion and the hot hit of WoW Film, these veterans show that they will resubscribe this game in late August.

New Item Added to World of Warcraft: Legion Digital Deluxe Bonuses

John RyanJanuary 20th, 2016 9278

Recently, Blizzard Company announces that new things are added to the collection of players received when players purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of World of Warcraft: Legion. The terrors of Diablo III emerges in style with the Legion-inspired Demon Hunter helm transom. Players would truly look the part as you hunt demons across Sanctuary.

Guide to WoW Legion Item Drops

John RyanDecember 11th, 2015 10676

Remember that the moment when you would be killing mobs in World of Warcraft by the thousands and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a World Drop would appear. These items usually helped to outfit your current character. The potential for World Drops made the grind of killing mobs more exciting

Guide to WoW Legion Challenge Mode

John RyanDecember 02nd, 2015 10223

Challenge Mode dungeons in Legion are set to shake up the same old routine and bring wowers an entirely new experience. The dungeons never get harder, your gear is always scaled down, and to achieve the best rewards wowers push through the dungeon at a breakneck pace.

What Will You Meet in WoW Legion Broken Isles?

John RyanNovember 25th, 2015 12759

The Broken Isles are a brand new continent being opened in World of Warcraft: Legion. A group of islands located in the South Seas including the Tomb of Sargeras. Long lost to the ages, this scarred and fractured landmass will be propelled into the spotlight as the Legion threatens to

Wow Patch 6.2 Legion Class Preview in World of Warcraft

John RyanNovember 13th, 2015 11665

World of Warcraft official has updated new legion class information. There are Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. The guiding purpose is to strengthen the distinctive identity of each of the 11 classes and their specializations.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 Class Order Hall Highlight

John RyanSeptember 30th, 2015 11517

World of Warcraft patch 7.0 Class Hall will help you explore your class character. The opened Champion which derives from WoD follower will improve the wower’s interaction. I have collected some information on what some of the class orders are and where their halls are.

What World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2 Legion Hunter Will be?

John RyanSeptember 09th, 2015 10047

We have an article which is about World of Warcraft legion new weapon in patch 6.2. But how about legion hunter roles? Let’s talk about it. Survival: Melee spec that utilizes a pet. Melee damage dealers can expect to:

Guide to Mercenary Mode of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2

John RyanSeptember 04th, 2015 10737

So many Wowers are powerfully attracted to World of Warcraft patch 6.2 legion. The legion major characters are Legendary Watcher, Vicious satyr Nightmare Lord, Heir to Stormwind, Naga commander, Ruler of Gilneas, Highmountain ruler of the hostile drogbar,

The Five Dungeons Comparison of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

John RyanAugust 30th, 2015 11553

Believe you are familiar with the following 5 dungeons. Which of the five dungeons is the most challenging in your opinion? The Arcatraz is the third wing of the Tempest Keep instance and is a prison where the Naaru jailed the most terrifying and dangerous creatures they encountered on their journeys. Among the inmates of the Arcatraz are agents of the black dragonflight

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