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wow guide

World of Warcraft: How to Complete the Crystal Eyes Questline in Highmountain

Ready for an archaeology adventure in World of Warcraft? Here MmoGah will share you how to complete the Crystal Eyes Questline in Highmountain."Crystal Eyes" is an archaeology questline in World of Warcraft that starts out in New Dalaran (Legion) by talking with Dariness the Learned in the Magus Commerce Exchange (coordinates: 40.8, 26.4).

How to Fix World of Warcraft Legion App Not Connecting After Patch 7.2

Is your World of Warcraft Legion Companion App not working since patch 7.2? Here MmoGah will give you the following steps to get it going again. More often than not, whenever there is an update or patch to a game, something always gets messed around a bit. Even the folks at Blizzard sometimes have problems after patching their games.

Click Here to Get Large Coupon Code at Mmogah to Buy WoW Gold

Lately, WoW gold price is going high. I think you know the reason. Lots of wow account were banned by Blizzard. So you are clear in your mind. What’s happening? Now you should know how important it is to choose a reliable site to buy wow gold.

Draenor Content Made Easier by Flying of World of Warcraft

Blizzard is set to debut the next big update for its huge World of Warcraft MMORPG experience, in the form of patch 6.2.2. A variety of improvements and new mechanics are included. The big news with WoW patch 6.2.2 is of course the introduction of flying in Draenor. You’ll need to unlock the Draenor Pathfinder achievement in order to fly. With this comes the added opportunity for you to handle your affairs with greater convenience and timeliness.

Archimonde (Hellfire Citadel) Strategy Guide of World of Warcraft Patch 6.2

Hellfire Citadel Wing 5- Archimonde is now open! As the final boss of the Hellfire Citadel raid in 6.2 Warlords of Draenor, Archimonde is also the sole boss of the Black Gate wing of Hellfire Citadel LFR.

Wow! Are You Ready for the Upcoming Pets and Mounts?

Blizzard has released a quick preview of some of the upcoming pets and mounts that will be entering the game. These awesome pets and mounts are a part of the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, including the Collector’s Edition.

World of Warcraft Legion New Class Demon Hunter Details Revealed

Last week Blizzard officially announced their next World of Warcraft expansion in the form of Legion, live from gamescom. The expansion will see the Burning Legion return to the world of Azeroth for revenge, and it will also see the return of Illidan. Together with Illidan, Blizzard will also be making the Demon Hunter class a playable one of World of Warcraft: Legion. Here’s the initial pre-beta information we know about this new class.

Guide to World of Warcraft Pet Battles

The Pet Battle Bonus Event is tripling your pet leveling experience on this weekend. Winning several PvP Pet Battles as a part of a quest during the event awards the player with a fresh new Ultimate Battle-Training Stone that instantly gain level upon level.

Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft: Gruul

Blackrock Foundry is another large instance after instance of Highmaul. In Blackrock Foundry there are ten bosses in total including Gruul, Oregorger, Beastlord Darmac, Flamebender Ka’graz, Hans’gar and Franzok, Operator Thogar, The Blast Furnace, Kromog, The Iron Maidens and Blackhand. I focus on the first Boss Gruul in this article and provide a strategy guide to wow players who are planning to down him.

Wow Blackrock Foundry Gear Level Up

Blizzard noticed they are ready for online correction next week to improve Blackrock Foundry gear level in all difficulty. The primary purpose of this change in WOW is to ensure that players can get the consistent reward with its struck new leader in the Blackstone foundry. For those teams who have devoted to Highmaul several months, they aren’t interested in their blackrock foundry dropped gear

World of Warcraft New Token System Would Restrain Wow Gold Selling Market?

As Patch 6.1 been successfully launched last month, the next mini expansion patch 6.1.2 has been put into practice nearly in the meanwhile. A dramatic breakthrough in test edition of the next mini patch is the Wow Token System which catches players and publicity’s eyes the most.Here is a brief guide of how this system works.The Token which is as currency can be bought from in-game store in World of Warcraft by real money.

Patch 6.1 DPS Practice Tests: Demonology Warlock is Grievously Weakened and Hunter Wins the Most

New Patch 6.1 has been officially released under expectation of World of Warcraft players last month. There are tons of changes within this brand new patch, and each profession has lots of changes as well. Here we bring the DPS practice tests which are considered as one of the most concerned aspects under the Patch 6.1.

Some Personal Understandings and Suggestions on Mining in World of Warcraft

In order to learn Engineering, I borrowed another profession from my friend and decided to mine by myself. And through mining process I summarized some personal understandings and suggestions which I’d like to share with other players who like to support themselves by their own labor or those who make up their minds to become good miners in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 (PTR) Adds Mini game of the Darkmoon Races after Selfie Camera

Been tired of downing Instance and all kinds of raids in the game of World of Warcraft? Go and try the new Racing Mini-Games which are now available in the PTR (Public Test Realm) of World of Warcraft Patch 6.1.

WoW Players Can Take Selfies in World of Warcraft Patch 6.1

Blizzard Entertainment adds a new modern “toy”, S.E.L.F.I.E Camera, in new Patch 6.1 to World of Warcraft according to the latest wow news.Some basic information of this camera & how it works are revealed by wow insider.An easy-peasy Selfie camera with many kinds of special filters It is a reward from a level 100 garrison mission "Field Photography" Has functions of “Depth Effects”, “Lighting Quality” & “Outline Mode” as real camera

10 Day Count Down to World of Warcraft: Blackrock Foundry

Blackrock Foundry was the ancestral home of the Blackrock orcs, which was inspired by the Slagworks’ “furnace room” actually. It contains strong style of industrialization such as scenes of smelting orcs, Burning Blade, slag shaping etc. Senior 3D artist Mr. Matthews from Blizzard provided a couple of prospects to all of the wow players, “The Dread Grotto was my favorite shot to establish in the Raid.

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