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riders of icarus power leveling

Why So Many Players Make Gold Orders at Mmogah

Leo JiangOctober 04th, 2016 14121

Now more and more players make gold orders at Mmogah. Why so many players buy ROI Gold at Mmogah? With these questions, Mmogah will give you satisfied answers.

How to Buy Safe Riders of Icarus Gold Without getting Banned

John RyanAugust 17th, 2016 15027

In Riders of Icarus, the valuable mounts and materials is very attractive and significant for all the plyers, which needs more and more Riders of Icarus Gold for buying, but it is not easy to farm in short time, and sometimes most players don’t have sufficient hours to get it by themselves. No surprise more and more players choose to buy ROI gold (roi gold kaufen) from a professional website instead of farming it.

Guide for Lavalight Cave Level 15 in Riders of Icarus

John RyanAugust 15th, 2016 25958

In Riders of Icarus, Lavalight Cave (LLC) is the first dungeon players will encounter and is located in the south-west region of the Hakanas Highlands. The recommended starting level is 13-15. The dungeon-specific gear dropped in Lavalight Cave is called Emberstone gear. Outside the tunnel leading to the entranceway, an NPC named Private Corance offers repeatable quests.

Different Classes Match Different Mounts in Riders of Icarus

John RyanAugust 08th, 2016 23060

In Riders of Icarus, mounts have become a mainstay mode of transport in MMORPGs. Without them, traveling to short distances and/or getting to places that can’t be reached by teleportation spells or devices can be difficult. Tame as more familiars as you can is an interesting task. Any mount that adds damage to physical or magic depending on class. You need to be X altitude to be able to tame him. I will show a list including best pets for different classes as below.

How to Tame Your Mounts in Riders of Icarus

John RyanJuly 27th, 2016 21710

A ton of different mounts that you’re able to snag, as you explore the world, should you want to take the time to do so. So how does this mount training system work? With both ground and flying mounts available, fighting enemies atop the games creatures is a significantly more mobile experience than it is in most MMOs. It’s still you and the enemy trading blows, but having a mount open up plenty of extra skills and options, as well as allowing you to dodge and escape targets much faster.

Analysis of Max Level in Riders of Icarus

John RyanJuly 20th, 2016 22468

In Riders of Icarus, as the Open Beta starts the max level and the attainable will be level to 25, and in July the level cap will reach to 35 after several updates. With nothing glamorous, in the first closed beta the level cap was lvl 20, it was only used for testing out the overall thoughts there and what the reaction of players.

How to Get Gold Fast In Riders of Icarus

John RyanJuly 18th, 2016 28590

Players can rule the skies as a legendary Rider in Riders of Icarus, joining the fight to protect mankind from an ancient invading evil. As they gain special combat abilities, Riders will explore an epic world, collecting mythical beasts to train as rideable mounts and deadly weapons. Utilizing the game’s frenetic action-oriented melee combo system, Riders can engage in theatrical boss battles by land and air.

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