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patch 2.4

Where is the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil, FF14 Gil

I hadn’t played FFXIV for a while, and did not checked any of the FFXIV related website, had no idea what was going on for the game until yesterday a friend of mine told me that patch 2.4 was released, they have added a new job/class: Rough/Ninja and how cool the new job is, it relighted my passion for FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 Coming October 28th,Cash Shop,Housing,PVP and More

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 will be released on October 28th, announced by Director and Producer Yoshida, in Las Vegas’ Fanfest over the weekend. It is put off 11 days according to the planned date Yoshida said last time. In this patch, vast contents will show in the game on the occasion.

Final Fantasy 14: ARR Patch 2.4 Details

Mmogah.com, as the largest ffxiv gil seller site, is glad to see that a new trailer has been released for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s upcoming patch 2.4, as well as new details and screenshots.

FFXIV Patch 2.4 Important Information: Changes to Allagan Tomestones

FFXIV Patch 2.4 has important changes to Allagan tomestones, Mmogah.com helps to spread the news. Exchange your Allagan tomestones of philosophy for Allagan tomestones of mytholody before patch 2.4. Do not miss out.Don't waste your Allagan tomestones of philosophy.

FFXIV: ARR Rogue and Ninja Preview of Patch 2.4

As the biggest FFXIV GIL site with professional FFXIV Powerleveling, Mmogah.com is ready to help you improve your gear rapidly and boost your class level fast, and let’s explore the Eorzea with rogue and ninja shoulder to shoulder.

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