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mists of pandaria

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Kill Halion, take his stuff

John RyanJuly 09th, 2010 6436

The Care and Feeding of Warriors is about warriors, who hurl themselves into the fray, the very teeth of danger armed with nothing more than the biggest weapons and armored with the absolutely heaviest armor we can find. Hey, we're not stupid, we're just crazy.

Your first WoW memory

John RyanJune 27th, 2010 6156

There are two early memories of World of Warcraft that have stayed with me for a long, long time. The first memory was the original announcement of the game back in 2001. As was the thing to do back in the day, I was at a friend's house eagerly awaiting Blizzard's big announcement. Warcraft III was still on the horizon,

Blizzard to break the AVR mod in

John RyanMay 20th, 2010 6492

Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic mod betrays you! Come patch 3.3.5, Blizzard is disabling the functionality of the ultra-useful http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/avr.aspx">Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) addon. The popular mod allows three-dimensional images to be shared between party members in real time to aid in raid strategy and positioning.

Refer A Friend rocket available starting tomorrow, Tuesday April 27

John RyanApril 26th, 2010 6693

http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=24401616792&sid=1">Zarhym has just posted to let us all know that the http://www.mmogah.com/2010/04/06/new-recruit-a-friend-mount-coming-soon/">previously announced X-53 Touring Rocket, the only 2-seated flying mount currently available in gameaa

Breakfast Topic: What would the ultimate raid be?

John RyanMarch 20th, 2010 5555

Blizzard's presence at http://www,mmogah.com/tags/pax-east/">PAX East 2010 was even smaller than I was expecting, with two or so Community reps there to oversee the StarCraft II tournaments going on. Boston-based http://www.massively.com/category/lord-of-the-rings-online">Lord of the Rings Online developer http://www.turbine.com/">Turbine

Cataclysm Expansion 2010

John RyanDecember 18th, 2009 6194

This BlizzCon we're hearing a lot about the ways guilds will be changing in Cataclysm. Not only will you be able to contribute to your guild by doing the things you already do like daily questing and PvP, your guild will be able to use its new abilities to directly benefit the members in various way.

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