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Preview: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR HeavenSward Coming Spring of 2015

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was one of the best MMOs launched last year but for some reason the player base had some problems with the game, mainly because it lacked a traditional PVP and it also brings a lot of grinding of FFXIV Gil and items.

Tip: How to Grab the Best Chance to Buy FFXIV Gil Cheap

Mmogah.com reminds all of FFXIV GIL buyers that do not miss out the last chance on buying cheap ffxiv gil before Final Fantasy XIV:ARR patch 2.4. Why it is the last chance to buy cheap ffxiv gil? There are two reasons.

FFXIV Patch 2.4 Important Information: Changes to Allagan Tomestones

FFXIV Patch 2.4 has important changes to Allagan tomestones, Mmogah.com helps to spread the news. Exchange your Allagan tomestones of philosophy for Allagan tomestones of mytholody before patch 2.4. Do not miss out.Don't waste your Allagan tomestones of philosophy.

FFXIV: ARR Rogue and Ninja Preview of Patch 2.4

As the biggest FFXIV GIL site with professional FFXIV Powerleveling, Mmogah.com is ready to help you improve your gear rapidly and boost your class level fast, and let’s explore the Eorzea with rogue and ninja shoulder to shoulder.

The Raptr's Most Played PC Games Rankings for August 2014

Recently, Raptr, a gamer social network with 17 million users, has released its figures of the most -played PC games rankings for August, 2014.In its rankings, League of Legends, is still commanding the rankings with 20.55 percent; World of Warcraft is a distant second with 7.62 percent, with ranking of game time up compared to July; DOTA2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranked third and fourth separately

FFXIV Patch 2.38 Notes 2

The following options have been added to the System -> Character Configuration menu: Control Settings General Cutscene Skipping - Skip playback of housing cutscenes (Default: Off)

FFXIV Patch 2.38 Notes

The following options have been added to the System -> Character Configuration menu: Control Settings General Cutscene Skipping - Skip playback of housing cutscenes (Default: Off)

How to Transmute Your Useless Materias to Other Useful Materias in FFXIV: ARR

We all know that farming materia is boring and will take a long time to get the spiritbond to 100%. After a long time farming, if you convert it to a wind materia or fire materia, do you feel disappoint? And how do you deal with those useless materias? Sell them to vendors, or just let them lay in your bank?

New Gamers How To Farm FFXIV Gil

As a new gamer, be aware of some info about FFXIV gil farming and power leveling is good for you, we are committed to making you some suggestions. Gil in Final Fantacy XIV is very tight ,at first, you can get ffxiv gil by completing the round of quests, however, after this step, it seems that there are not many methods for ff14 gil to be brought into the economy of the game on a daily basis. Given this situation and some gamers do not have so much time in farming the FF14 gil by themselves, they

TOP THREE Cute Animals Accompanied Us in Final Fantasy

You must never miss any info and be familiar with the entire development of Final Fantasy, as a big fan of Final Fantasy. From FC giving most of the senior players incredible memory in their childhood to the current prevalent FFXIV"A REALM REBORN", Square Enix has created many unforgettable animals varying in the scenarios of different series of Final Fantasy. Now we list top three cute animals in its series, let's recall our fantastic days.

Mmogah Congratulates SE on FFXIV: ARR First Anniversary

As a gold seller, it was thought that it is a bit shame to congratulate SE on FFXIV: ARR' First anniversary for our action violate the game rules. But, actually our action is a necessary link in the game system. Mmogah congratulates SE, wishes FFXIV: ARR prosperous and flourish, more and more FFXIV players in the future.

Summary of Hunt Changes in Patch 2.35 in FFXIV

After patch 2.3, the discussion and complaint about Hunt were much more than any other new updates. SE did changes about Hunt in 2.35, as I can understand, the changes are as follows:

FFXIV GIL Generated and Spending of GIL Before and After Patch 2.3 in FFXIV: ARR

Aug. 17 2014 ET By:Meihong Zhang FFXIV GIL is the game currency in the game Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Realm. FFXIV Gil Generated and Spending of Gil are different before and after patch 2.3.

Do FFXIV Gil Buyers Get Banned (2)

One of the most questions being consulted from a first-time FFXIV GIL buyer is that will my account get banned after buying gil. Also we can see a lot of discussion about this in many places, in which we can not see an explicit conclusion. I have answered this in my article Do FFXIV Gil Buyers Get Banned. This time, I answer the question with multi-angle.

A Thank you Mail from a FFXIV GIL Buyer

Unexpectedly, Mmogah received a thank-you email from one of our FFXIV GiL buyer (on EU-Phoenix server). We were very glad and unexpected is because we never sent any spam letters to ask our customers to leave feedback or write good reviews for us to our contact email or on sites. The following is the full text of the mail:

Frontline Footage in Patch 2.3 in Final Fantasy XIV:ARR

Most of FFXIV players are curious at Frontline details in patch 2.3. This PvP part FFXIV Powerleveling is so attractive to many gamers.

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