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Champion of the 2nd BNS Costume Design Contest Be Announced

After one month of selection and fans’ contributions, Blade and Soul (US) announced the champion of 2nd Costume Design Contest. A player named Yin Kuoi won the final with his fantastic design-Wonderland.

SPOILERS: The Story of Act 4 of Blade and Soul​

​With development of the storyline of Blade and Soul, more and more players want to know what will happen in ACT 4. What is the ending of Jinsoyun? What is the relation between Jinsoyun and the Four Guardians? What is the fate of the Talus Dominion? Today, mmogah wants to tell the story of ACT4 in CN version.

BNS Weapon Path and Gem Hammer Changes Are Coming

After had collected players' feedback on weapon path and cost, NCsoft started to analyze available data regarding the progress of weapon, and then NCsoft announced weapon path and gem hammer in the game will be changed in the upcoming weeks. These progression changes in the game that are expected to significantly enhance overall gameplay, which is an exciting and good news for blade & soul players.

Will My BNS Account Get Suspended or Banned Because of Mmogah

Every bns player was panic when many accounts got suspended or banned by NCsoft. They are afraid their accounts got suspended or banned suddenly without any reason, especially some players who have bought blade & soul gold from the third party, "Will my account get suspended or banned because of the third party?"

Blade and Soul Guide to Sogun’s Lament Bosses

When you hit level 50, you can grind Sogun’s Lament (Snow Jade Palace of Grief) that is a new and challenging dungeon, and it has the most difficult boss to beat, offering a new pinnacle of content for players to tackle.

"Chi" Is Known as Performing Miraculous Power in Blade and Soul

"Chi is the life force of all creation. It is an unending force that flows through all reality, connecting the realms and all living beings in its breadth. Like water, chi will gather in great swirling eddies or burst from the earth like a geyser; like blood, chi exists within all living creatures and is vital to their survival."

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