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blade and soul

Very Important Tips for Green Hands in Blade and Soul

John RyanApril 01st, 2016 8145

Blade and Soul is an active MMORPG that has existed for several years. For those players who wonder what a fighting game, it would look like a MMORPG, Blade & Soul is a strong, solid hybrid of the two genres, with exciting raid bosses and a robust community for PvP that has several World Championships already.

The Differences Between Blade Master and Blade Dancer

John RyanMarch 31st, 2016 26177

Blade dancer is the 7th class in Blade and Soul, which may cause confusion among BNS players: what are the differences between blade master and blade dancer? What special features make blade dancer a brand new class? Today, mmogah wants to summarize them into several aspects.

Comparison of All Classes for PvE & PvP in Blade and Soul

John RyanMarch 30th, 2016 38147

Since Silverfrost Mountains Expansion was released in blade and soul, many new players are trying to get into the game, but they don’t know how to choose classes. Playing different classes can help players to understand how to fight against other classes. Actually we have introduced how to choose a bns class before, today we will share some information about all classes in PvE and PvP with you!

What Is the Wheel of Fate in Blade and Soul

John RyanMarch 29th, 2016 9146

Wheel of Fate is a spinning wheel in Blade and Soul which can be found throughout the world of Blade & Soul. It gives you extra loot. You will find yourself using this regularly during the whole game. There are multiple wheels of fate throughout the Blade & Soul universe. When to use them you will need an orb like essence. Getting access to Wheel of Fate is not difficult as long as you kill the open world boss near the Wheel to obtain the necessary item which called essences.

Blade and Soul Hongmoon - Unlocking a Unique and Challenging Journey

John RyanMarch 25th, 2016 13198

Now Silverfrost Mountains Expansion in blade and soul is online, and it increases the character level cap from 45 to 50 and Hongmoon Level to 10. For many new beginners, it is not a terminus when their characters reach level 50, and they can continue to speed up Hongmoon level.

How Does PvP System Work in Blade and Soul (Section Two: World PvP)

John RyanMarch 25th, 2016 9089

When it comes to skill-based competitive play, nothing can come close to the ultimate experience of the Arena. There are many varied ways on how you can challenge other martial artists in PvP combat. These can be simply entering the Arena and competing against other martial artists to test your skills in World PvP equipped with a Faction uniform.

Silverfrost Mountain Expansion Is Updated! Do You Know These Tips & Tricks in Blade and Soul?

John RyanMarch 25th, 2016 9856

Just a few days after Blade and Soul released in North America, the peak concurrent users reached over one million. In Feb 2, the new map Bloodshade harbor was added; in March 2, the Naryu labyrinth map and a new class-warlock was added, too. In March 23, the Silverfrost Mountain Expansion was released, which unlocks an entirely new continent full of new zones, new quests, and new challenging endgame content—while also increasing the character level cap to 50, and Hongmoon Level to 10.

Helpful Blade and Soul PvE Guide for Players

John RyanMarch 23rd, 2016 10544

As many players know, there are two play modes in MMORPGS: PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment). PvP is exciting and challenging in blade and soul, and we have introduced bns PvP guide last week. Today we continue to introduce another blade & soul play mode: PvE to bns players. As we all know that much of blade and soul gold comes from running dungeons and doing quests, so it is essential for players to master some skills.

Blade and Soul: New Character and Hongmoon Power Leveling Are Hot Sale on Mmogah

John RyanMarch 23rd, 2016 7960

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion for Blade and Soul is coming March 23! Players will soon be able to travel to the Silverfrost Mountains where eight new dungeons, a new capital city, new quests and much more await players. The new expansion increases the character level cap to 50, Hongmoon Level cap to 10, an upgraded weapon and accessory path, and clan crafting improvements. This is also the biggest change in the ongoing story, which makes you revenge for your school and master in the enga

Blade and Soul - Hongmoon Secret Technique Guide

Leo JiangMarch 22nd, 2016 56306

Hongmoon Secret Technique can make inner strength practice after reaching class level 45. Now Hongmoon level cap is 5 in Blade and Soul, but it will be increased to cap level 10 on 23 March 2016. You can get more attribute addition, however there is no vitality restriction in Hongmoon Secret Technique. We can imagine that one character who is level 45 and Hongmoon 5 is higher than another one who is only level 45 and Hongmoon 0, so Hongmoon power leveling is very important in Blade and Soul. Pra

Blade and Soul: Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Is Coming

John RyanMarch 18th, 2016 8842

Good news for blade and soul fans: Silverfrost Mountains Expansion is coming this spring, and it will be released on appointed time according to the timeline of the official. It will bring more contents including new zones, new quests and new challenge in the late game stages. It is also the biggest leap forward in the ongoing story, and players are easy to unravel the engaging world narrative.

How Does PvP System Work in Blade and Soul (Section One: Arena PvP)

John RyanMarch 17th, 2016 17224

PvP in Blade and Soul is categorized into two types, a personal PvP called Arena PvP and a large-scale PvP called World PvP. First let’s talk about Arena PvP:

What Is the Best Way to Farm Gold in Blade and Soul

John RyanMarch 16th, 2016 24422

Currently, Blade and Soul is the most popular game in MMORPG, and it attracts lots of players to pay attention to this game, and the most attractive subject is how to farm gold as soon as quickly.

Why So Many Players Choose Blade and Soul Power Leveling at MmoGah

John RyanMarch 16th, 2016 8825

Recently, not only blade and soul gold but also blade and soul power leveling is hot sale on mmogah.com. The orders of blade & soul power leveling service at Mmogah are more and more. Since players need to do quests and grind low-level dungeons again and again, but most players have no time to do it, and they would like to choose bns power leveling instead of grinding dungeons by themselves. It is a fast and convenient way to speed up their level and catch other players’ steps.

Unbelievable Summoner-Why to Choose Summoner and How to Use the Skills

John RyanMarch 11th, 2016 12171

Often people think that summoner is an auxiliary profession, which makes me hard to understand about this. From my personal feeling for playing summoner, I think the blade and soul summoner is an almighty profession, please see the main aspects below:

Blade and Soul’s 9th New Class Previewed-Soul Fighter

John RyanMarch 09th, 2016 10081

Released on January 19, Blade and Soul is absolutely a dark horse among MMOs of 2016. (It had been reached 1,000,000 players in the first week and 2,000,000 within less than one month) Then, the new class-Warlock was updated on March 2, which definitely made Blade and Soul more perfect. The upgrade of Warlock, to strike while the iron was hot, steadily makes Blade&Soul the No.1 of Top 10 MMORPGs in Game Virtual Currency Market 2016.

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