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blade and soul tips

The Differences Between Blade Master and Blade Dancer

John RyanMarch 31st, 2016 26184

Blade dancer is the 7th class in Blade and Soul, which may cause confusion among BNS players: what are the differences between blade master and blade dancer? What special features make blade dancer a brand new class? Today, mmogah wants to summarize them into several aspects.

Silverfrost Mountain Expansion Is Updated! Do You Know These Tips & Tricks in Blade and Soul?

John RyanMarch 25th, 2016 9860

Just a few days after Blade and Soul released in North America, the peak concurrent users reached over one million. In Feb 2, the new map Bloodshade harbor was added; in March 2, the Naryu labyrinth map and a new class-warlock was added, too. In March 23, the Silverfrost Mountain Expansion was released, which unlocks an entirely new continent full of new zones, new quests, and new challenging endgame content—while also increasing the character level cap to 50, and Hongmoon Level to 10.

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