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blade and soul powerleveling

Blade and Soul Will Be Available on Tencent Game Console

With Haier producing the hardware, Intel providing the chips and Tencent building up the game store, Blade is expected to operate many games by Tencent, such as Blade and Soul, League of Legends and Monster Hunter Online.

2 Scheduled Mobile Games of Blade and Soul

The rapid development of mobile games has a certain impact on client games. This impact seems so obvious in Korea, which relies on games export so much. From 2012, we can see the profits from client games has become increasingly squeezed compared with mobile games in the annual financial sheets.

Guide to Vipercap Gauntlet Event in Blade and Soul

From May 11 to June 1, players level 36 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern through the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby. It’s a race against time to defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap inside.

Preview of Shattered Empire Update(2) - Guide to Cold Storage Dungeon

Today, mmogah wants to share with you a useful guide to Cold Storage Dungeon in upcoming 4.27 Shattered Empire update.There is only one boss in Cold Storage dungeon - Winter Mane. This dungeon needs a 6-man team and needs to use phoenix pillar to enter into it, which is different from 4-man dungeons. Cold Storage has a simple map structure and a small quantity of monsters. You may contact with the boss about 2 or 3mins.

Preview of Shattered Empire Update(1) - A Useful Guide to Whirlwind Valley

Whirlwind Valley will be a brand new 6v6 team-based PVP mode in the 4.27 Shattered Empire update of western version. Today, mmogah wants to share with you an useful guide to Whirlwind Valley in CN version as a preview.

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