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How to Get Soul Shield from Level 1-50 in Blade and Soul

John RyanApril 19th, 2016 16567

As you know, Soul Shield is a unique system in blade and soul that gives you additional stats. It is made of 8 fragments, and it acts as an extra "piece" of equipment which increases your offensive and defensive capabilities. Your armor doesn’t give any stat except defensive ability, but soul shield can fill this vacancy. So how to get soul shield is the key point that many players focus on. Here Mmogah gives some summary to blade & soul players.

Blade and Soul Guide to Level 50 Weapons

John RyanApril 08th, 2016 18585

As you know, there is a unique weapon progression system in blade and soul, and you can use the same weapon throughout the game. We have introduced bns weapon guide before, now the character level cap from 45 to 50, which weapons can be chosen when they reach level 50? This is a major issue for bns players. A detailed analysis on level 50 weapons are presented here by Mmogah, who is a professional blade and soul gold seller, and we will share with you the requirement for evolving various weapons

Blade and Soul - Windwalking (Qing Gong) Is Beyond Your Expectation

John RyanMarch 05th, 2016 12648

Windwalking is known as Qing Gong in "Wu Xia" literature, and it is the most basic form of transportation in blade and soul, which allows players to glide through the air, dash on the water, and sprint up the wall . This is not really "flight", since players do not have the ability to climb vertically. Windwalking is one of the fastest ways to travel like wind stride. You can double tap "W", and enter windwalking system. It will give you an incredible boost in both speed and agility. At this

How to Choose a Reliable Blade and Soul Gold Seller without Getting Banned

Shirley HuangMarch 01st, 2016 13091

Blade and soul gold is really important when you want to buy valuable materials or accessories, but it is not easy to farm, especially for the busy players. Now more and more players choose to buy blade and soul gold (blade and soul gold kaufen) from a professional website instead of farming it by themselves.

Blade and Soul - Amazing Kung Fu Master That You Can't Miss

John RyanFebruary 25th, 2016 14326

"I'm a big fan of monk-style character classes. I've played Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft. But it wasn't until Blade & Soul that I encountered the essence of Kung Fu--at least as far as a keyboard can capture. At its best, Blade & Soul delivers that rare brand of combat that makes me consider learning these moves for real. And that's why I'm so sad that the rest of the game never reaches the same heights."

Blade and Soul New Class Guide - Warlock

John RyanFebruary 23rd, 2016 20834

The new class - Warlock in blade and soul will become available on March 2. It is the eighth class to be added to blade & soul. As we all know, there are many players have taken part in the game, and many players have placed a large number of blade and soul gold orders at mmogah. Let's share this good news to you.

Blade and Soul Guide - How to Level Up Fast

John RyanFebruary 19th, 2016 14365

As we all know, making gold is very important in a game, and blade & soul is without exception. When your character goes to high level, it needs more blade and soul gold to strengthen weapons or accessories. But how to level up fast in the game? Here, MmoGah shares some tips with BNS players.

Guide to Weapon in Blade and Soul

John RyanFebruary 18th, 2016 18526

There is a complex weapon system in blade and soul. You can upgrade weapon system, and make a low-level weapon evolve to a powerful weapon. Each class has its own weapon: Blade Master uses sword, Kung-Fu Master uses fists, Summoner uses wand, and so on. You can read this article about blade and soul class choosing. All the weapons are strengthened in the same way, so you can follow this guide regardless of your class.

Guide to Choosing A Class in Blade and Soul

John RyanFebruary 16th, 2016 13428

Until now, over two million players have taken part in blade and soul, and many players have placed a large number of blade and soul gold orders at MmoGah,from which you can see the game is very popular.

How to Make Gold Fast in Blade and Soul: Section Two

John RyanFebruary 05th, 2016 11316

For many players, they focus on how to make Blade and Soul gold fast and how to get blade & soul gold easily in the game, since they are in need of BNS gold to strengthen their weapon and armors. There are many ways on how to make gold fast, and we have introduced two ways in last article: how to make gold fast: section one. Here MmoGah continues introducing the rest ways of making gold to blade and soul players.

How to Make Gold Fast in Blade and Soul: Section One

John RyanFebruary 03rd, 2016 9732

Blade and Soul is a popular MMORPG, and it attracts more and more gamers take part in the game. Blade and Soul gold is very important in the game, since you need it for buying valuable materials or items, strengthening your weapons and accessories, and saving your grinding time. But there are some questions trouble many players: how to get blade & soul gold in the game? How to make gold fast? Here, MmoGah as one of the best blade and soul sellers and a professional blade and soul power leveling

How to Get Fast and Smooth Delivery When Buying Blade and Soul Gold

John RyanJanuary 29th, 2016 11278

Blade and Soul is a fantasy martial arts and action-combat MMORPG developed by NCSOFT. Until now, over a million active players have taken part in Blade & Soul, which is so popular that you can’t miss it.

Why Blade and Soul Is So Popular

John RyanJanuary 27th, 2016 11660

It has been a week since Blade and Soul released in Europe and North America at 12AM EST on January 19, which gains high praise from players. There have been over one million players added since Blade & Soul released, and many players have placed a great many of Blade and Soul gold orders at MmoGah. Some players said that Blade & Soul is one of the most exciting games in 2016. All these information fully shows that Blade and Soul is really popular.

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