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albion online mounts

Understanding Faction Transport Missions of Albion Online

AnsleyMay 05th, 2021 3192

When you enable your faction flag in Albion Online, the faction master will offer you contracts to transport merchandise to a distant smuggler. To complete these contracts successfully, you must make them all the way to the smuggler with your merchandise and then make them all the way back to your faction master in one piece.

Understanding Faction Ranks and Rewards of Albion Online

AnsleyApril 23rd, 2021 4039

The faction warfare system of Albion Online offers many outstanding rewards. Achieving higher ranks unlocks better rewards.

New Mounts and New Mount Skins of Albion Online

AnsleyApril 12th, 2021 2551

If you have ever played Albion Online, you might have got your own favorite mounts. Whether the mounts are normal or rare, they are as precious as assets that you've worked hard to build up. The Call to Arms update of Albion Online brings many new mounts and mount skins. You need to pay more attention to this kind of news, waiting for a chance to get a new mount or a new mount skin.

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