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account banned

Why So Many Accounts Have Been Banned in Nostalrius Begins

There are many accounts got banned these days in nostalrius begins. Why so many accounts have been banned in nostalrius begins? We have introduced that many accounts got banned because of the bug in last article: The important affair happened in nostalrius. Are there any other reasons? Here MmoGah as one of the best nostalrius gold sellers and a professional nostalrius power leveling site in the gaming industry for more than 10 years’ experience who would like to share our summary from nostalriu

None of FFXIV Gil Buyers Gets Banned at Mmogah

Recently, a large number of accounts in FFXIV are banned for in-game RMT and illicit activities by SE. Almost there are thousands of accounts banned every week. Here are screenshots that show the situation about recent two weeks.

The Reason for Our Two Accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com Got Banned

Recently there were customers asked why our accounts on Ownedcore.com got banned. We know they were afraid we are scammer or became scammer. We are aware that we should explain to everyone why our two accounts “mmogah” “happysnow” on Ownedcore.com got banned.

Will My Account Get Suspended or Banned Because of Mmogah?

We have been asked the same question by numerous new customers. No, this is my answer which we guarantee. Your account will definitely not get problems from buying gold at Mmogah. The fact is that We have hundreds of thousands of customers none of whose accounts get any problem.

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