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Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 Will Be Released on Nov 30

Shirley Huang November 21st, 2018 Sunwell    MmoGah News

Sunwell Nightbane! The new progressive 2.4.3 TBC Realm will be released on Nov 30.

Nightbane is the brand new TBC - The Burning Crusade fresh realm released by Sunwell.pl. It will be released on Nov 30. The server is pretty hyped because of the expected high quality. Make sure you don’t miss this great TBC adventure! MmoGah.com is pleased to serve you fast and cheap sunwell gold!

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Sunwell Community will talk about some topics as below.

Prenerf of PvE content

When it comes to Prenerf values, it will be based only on reliable sources. Office site won’t use the Corecraft buffs and won’t implement 2.0 itemization. If you want to find out what are the reasons you can find it here.


Progressive Server – Timeline

Look at this blizzlike timeline for TBC expansion, it will be helpful to compare it to Nightbane timeline.


As you know, Nightbane will be a progressive 2.4.3 realm. Nightbane timeline as below.

This kind of timeline will be healthier for Nightbane. Timeline’s release dates are hypothetical and everything will depend on guilds‘ progression as well as the general situation on the realm. 

Office site plans to release full T6 content in the same day of Vengeful Gladiator season, and this is the most natural solution, because Zul Aman isn’t the “tier raid ”, it’s sort of a nice addition for PvE players.

The last stage of TBC adventure, so Isle of Quel'Danas and Brutal Gladiator season’s release day is on Early Feb 2020.

The Content Gating

The Content isn't going to be gated. So the Dark Portal event cannot be organized, office site will manage to give you something interesting instead of it.


PvP Ranks

Many players has asked the PvP ranks system, this is a system to track honor in PvP prior to Bc icon Burning Crusade, which comes from Vanilla. It's a really nice addition for PvP players and there is not any disadvantages, so this system is going to be implemented. 


Imbalance Solutions – this is really important!

Office site still looking for the best solution that can change players’ perception in the context of powerful Horde's classes racial. Frankly speaking they are not powerful at all, but players have their view points. If player has to roll a specific faction, it may destroy the fun and sensation of free choice.

It found out that there is a possibility of implementing a dual spec feature made in a TBC style. Imbalance issue must be solved and appropriate communicated earlier. That's the only solution that can effectively influence on players' decision.


Now many sunwell fans can hardly wait to join the new realm. Learn more sunwell news or guides, you can visit mmogah.com.  

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