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Soul Worker Jin Guide: Jin Seipatsu Skill Builds

Nancy G May 31st, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Soul Worker gameforge has released a new character Jin Seipatsu in a recent update. Jin is a powerful martial artist whose special weapons are his fists. He makes use of his superhuman powers boldly and responsibly, protecting the weak and defeating evil. Of all characters, Jin has the highest health and has access to large surface area attacks. Today, the Best Online Gaming Site MmoGah will show you Jin Skill Builds Guide.


Sh-2j.jpg Special Ability Mastery

While on the ground, Jin smashes the ground with his leg, creating a radial shockwave that stuns surrounding enemies. While in the air, he does a superman punch forward towards the ground, also creating a radial shockwave but doesn't stun.


Sh-9.jpg Special Dodge Attack

While running, Jin executes a dropkick on enemies to knock them back. There is a brief windup animation, therefore leaving him vulnerable especially if he miss the kick.



J1-1.jpg Glory Upper

Using this skill can knock enemies up. Tap [RMB] ×3 (tap when the previous animation ends) to activate a subsequent combo. Your highest DPS skill till mid-game, though with a really lengthy animation to get all the damage out.


J1-2.jpg Perfect Combination

Slam yourself into the enemy, and tapping [RMB] ×2 will activate 2 subsequent combos. This skill deals moderate damage especially if you land the entire combo. This is your main reliable source of SG gaining in combat, but the SG gaining only applies to the 2 subsequent combos and not on the slam attack.


J1-3.jpg Hammer Kick

When you land, do a somersault while jumping forwards to kick the ground, knocking surrounding enemies up. Using this skill will recover SG when hitting enemies, but not a lot. Best used on groups of enemies so that the SG recovered more than SG spent using this skill.


J1-4.jpg Counter Attack

You will enter a defensive stance for ~2 seconds, where you can automatically counter melee attacks while applying the Strengthen buff. You are invincible during the counter animation, but does not apply if you're hit by long-range attacks while in the defensive stance.


J1-5.jpg Spirit Surge

This skill pulls surrounding enemies towards you in a large area, while applying a Taunt debuff for 20 seconds on them so that they will only target you if there are allies around. You also get a Defense buff that increases per level, but remember that the buff affects your base Defense but not total Defense, so it's pretty useless at endgame.

J1-7.jpg Spirit Explosion

Hold the skill key to begin charging your gauntlets up to 3 levels, then unleash a devastating punch forwards. Damage increases per charge level. Deals rather high damage, but will only truly shine when under the Strengthen buff.

J1-11.jpg Fusion Armor

This skill provides a barrier to allies in range which grants invincibility for 3 seconds, while you get a special barrier that lasts ~6 seconds. Also increases all allies' base Defense by 30% at max Lvl, but that's not the main focus of this skill.


J1-8.jpg Spirit Shooter

This skill will fire a small burst of kamehameha forward to stun enemies for 3 seconds while being pushed back by the recoil. Imo not a useful skill for a melee-based character since you would want to be up close instead of being far away.


J1-9.jpg Quadra Blow

Throw fire spheres forwards up to a certain range, exploding upon contact with an entity. This skill deals high damage if all spheres hit a target. Since the explosions have a rather small radius, they are not very effective against multiple enemies who are spread out in a line.

J1-10.jpg Heavy Drop

This skill only usable while in the air. Highest DPS skill outside of Strengthened skills at max charge. Hold the skill key to charge a mini spirit bomb up to 3 levels, creating an explosion with increasing damage and radius per charge level when it hits the ground.


J1-12.jpg Rapid Puncher

This is the highest sustained DPS skill, though with its fair share of drawbacks. Enter a punching stance, rapidly tapping [LMB] to strike with both fists alternatively while moving slightly forward. You can end with a finishing attack which you can also initiate early with [RMB] to end the combo earlier. You cannot move while in this state, and cannot dodge cancel any part of it. Only way you can end this stance is to finish performing the finishing attack, which therefore makes you very vulnerable if used outside of Fusion Armor's effects.


J1-13.jpg Final Fist

Pound the ground with your gauntlets, while calling down energy gauntlets from the sky to cause wide explosions in the area. Invincible throughout the entire animation, while doing high damage if all explosions hit a target.


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