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Unspeakable Horrors of RuneScape Start to Creep



Oh, the Horrors!

A darkness is creeping into Mos Le'Harmless of RuneScape. Ill omens, they say; changes in the air. Some call it a harbinger of greater troubles to come. And what spells foreboding more plainly than the creatures they so aptly call Horrors? Long have they dwelt in the jungles and caves of Mos Le'Harmless, yet now their appearance is changing, as though the promise of greater evil reveals their true features. You can almost hear it whispered on the wind:


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If only it were that simple! In the words of the prophecy:



Could this be the hour of which it speaks? Slayable off-task, the red-eyed Unspeakable horrors share the Slayer level (and chance to drop a Black Mask) of their fellow cave-dwelling counterparts, only they're tougher; you will need a more formidable combat level of around 80 to best one.

And if you do? Woe to all who oppose you, for in the carcass of an Unspeakable horror you may find an ancient tome—Scare Tactics—containing four new basic and threshold abilities, which you can put to use immediately or trade with a lower-level or free player. Perhaps with these you might prevail?

Shock (Magic level 3)

Horror (Magic level 15)

Demoralise (Ranged level 3)

Rout (Ranged level 15)

Who knows what other portents you may still find?


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Blend with the Shadows

But perhaps the omens don't frighten you? Those who consider themselves one with the shadows take heed, for this week we are holding a time-limited flash sale for all shadow items at Solomon's General Store. Both the shadow drake and shadow gorilla pets are included, plus all the shadow outfits. Take a look now!


GameBlast Highlights

What a Blast! In case you haven't heard (impossible—we've been going mental on Twitter), you managed to raise over £100,000 for Special Effect! Can I get a 'Tickety BOOM'?

A whopping 340,000 of you tuned in to our 24-hour stream of silliness, complete with everything from the gross to the downright ridiculous. Watch the highlights here!



Patch Notes

You can find this week's patch notes here.

What could possibly be taking place soon in Mos Le'Harmless that would bring about such terrible omens?


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