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The Spring Fayre Time of RuneScape Is Coming

Spring Fayre

This week, Jagex’s bringing you all the fun of the Fayre – it’s Spring Fayre time of RuneScape (with all-new rewards!) This time it works a little differently: the Fayre will no longer need entry tokens for participation meaning you can have all of the fun for free! The Spring Fayre will pack up on April 23rd so make sure to take advantage of the attractions available to you! Happy Helter Skeltering!

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And with the Fayre’s return, we bring all its fun and festivities. A full list of what’s new (and changed) is available below.


Fortune Teller

Kristlin the fortune teller is back, with many secrets and mysteries – to only the bravest adventurers she’ll reveal their future.

•You can only get a tarot card if you don't already have a card in your possession.

•You can use the card to reroll your current fortune.

•There's a rare chance you may get a tarot card drop while you take part in the Fayre's activites!

Scavenger Hunt

Trixie's back again, and in need of more items – she’s in need of an adventurer to help. A small thieving lamp awaits!

•You can get a Scavenger list from taking part in the Fayre's activities (you can only ever have one).

Claw-dia Stall

The classic hook stall is back costing you no tokens and granting you a free go each day to see what prizes you can get!

Test of Strength

How strong do you think you are? Hit the bell to prove it!

Agility Funhouse

Find Karri to jump into the funhouse and find obstacles to cross, wriggle through and jump over.

Easter Egg Shy

Knock over the eggs with your choice of weapon – ball, cabbage or Chinchompa!

Candy Floss

Cook up some candy floss for the Fayre.


Make sure you do the right dance to maximise your experience!

Zoltan Machine

Receive a gloomy misfortune, and collect all 17 to complete your misery!


The Beach favourite is back! With three levels of difficulty, how many ducks can you get?

Helter Skelter

Ride the Helter Skelter from top to bottom for one hell of a good time. Happy sliding!

Bucking Baroo

Intrepid adventurer Prezleek will help you once more on-board this fearsome ride. Hang on tight when you’re up there!

Pickaxe Wanging

Toss the pickaxe at the Runite rocks and see how accurate you are!


The Beach portals are back, giving you easy access to popular places, Deep Sea Fishing included!

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Of course, with a new year comes new rewards, for this year the tickets that are normally used to buy the rewards have been removed, instead they can now be won through taking part in the fayre or bought directly from the vendors around the Fayre with RuneCoins.

Hook-a-duck flail

Two words that should always be put together: ‘Hook-a-Duck’ and ‘flail’. Imagine the looks on your enemies’ faces when you head into battle with this bad boy.

Fish in a bag

The classic carnival prize (and no you can't use it to attack people).

Zoltan plushie

The world’s gloomiest plushie – the Mighty Zoltan – can now be yours!

Easter Egg Hat/Pet

With Easter looming what better way to get the spirit of it than by having your own pet or even your own hat, the pet is adorable, trust us.

Face Paints

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, feel free to apply these Fayre-inspired face paint. Get creative!

All of the rewards from last years' Spring Fayre will be obtainable as well so make sure to finish your collections if you haven't already!

Happy Hour!

Yes, it's back again for the Spring Fayre, happy hour will be in full swing at the Fayre, with increased XP drops for the hour it's active, worlds and times below!

81 (F2P) and 82, 83, 84, 85, 88 (P2P - English Worlds)

•01:00 - 02:00 Game Time

•09:00 - 10:00 Game Time

•14:00 - 15:00 Game Time

•21:00 - 22:00 Game Time

Tribute to Guthix

Your traditional chance to pay tribute to Guthix is back! Guthixian butterflies will appear around Gielinor once more, which, when caught, give experience on the lowest skill. The amount of experience increases with the skill level.

The butterflies will disappear on the 12th of April at midnight, so make sure to catch as many as you can!

Patch Notes

We have some awesome patch notes for you this week, with a mix of Clue Scroll and Deep Sea Fishing feedback changes right down to some cracking Ninja fixes!

You can read the patch notes in full here

As a reminder, Gold Premier Club members have until Sunday April 1st to speak to the Guardian of the Vault for 500 pieces of eight which they can use at Honest Jimmy’s shop.

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