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RuneScape Outfits Collecting for Volcanic Trapper Outfit Start on Aug. 23

RuneScape's latest elite skilling outfit is out now on Treasure Hunter, so get the pieces while you can!

It is going to start from 00:00 UTC on 23rd August until 23:59 UTC on 28th August. You can collect three Hunter themed outfits and combine them to make the elite Hunter skilling outfit called Volcanic Trapper Outfit.



How to get the outfits?

You are to collect three five-piece tradable outfits over this week:

·Jungle Trapper Outfit

·Desert Trapper Outfit

·Arctic Trapper Outfit

One outfit will be available on each of the first three days, so check back to get a different one. All outfits will be obtainable for the remaining three days.

Equivalent pieces from the three outfits can be combined into pieces of the elite version: The Volcanic Trapper outfit. Besides being a sharp look, it also gives you a range of amazing benefits for your Hunter training.


What are the benefits?

Wear five matching pieces of any of the basic outfits to enjoy the following:

·5% increase to hunting success rate

·Auto-reapplying of Juju Hunter potion in Herblore Habitat

·Increased chance of rarer charm sprites from Yaktwee

·3 daily teleports to Hunter locations


Wearing the elite Volcanic Trapper outfit in its entirety gives an expanded list of benefits:

·7% increase to hunting success rate

·10% chance of double loot

·Can deploy an extra trap (maximum of 6)

·Increased conversion rate for Big Chinchompa reward points

·Chance to instantly deploy/pick up traps

·Chance of double loot from implings (3 per day)

·Works as a hunter's catalyst fragment if owned

·Auto-reapplying of Juju Hunter potion in Herblore Habitat

·Increased chance of rarer charm sprites from Yaktwee

·5 daily teleports to hunter locations


Note that any of the four outfits above will also confer the benefits of the base Hunter’s outfit, if owned.


Remember, any updates from the past 6 months that affect your Hunter training won’t be useable with the Trapper outfits until 6 months after their release. For example, teleports to crystal skillchompas and plover birds will only appear 6 months after their respective release dates.


Ready yourself with RuneScape Gold, this will be a week of benefits to increase outfits you have been hunting. Enjoy the play!


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