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RuneScape News: Combat Pets and Free-for-All Weekend

The long awaited combat skilling pets are here! Get to killing and earning those pets in RuneScape!



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Combat Pets

On November 20, we saw the arrival of 8 adorable Combat Pets which were designed and inspired by the players: 




How to get it



A blind dragon with eastern themes

Using Attack in combat



A kangaroo with boxing gloves

Using Strength in combat



An injured, crossbow-wielding squirrel

Using Ranged in combat



A wizard-hatted newt holding an orb of shifting magical energies

Using Magic in combat or using non-combat magic spells



A cowardly grenwall armed with a helmet and shield

Using Defence in combat



A hardy axolotl with a transparent body

Using Constitution in combat



A tiny but surprisingly violent ghost who likes to whack things with its thurible

Training Prayer, for example by burying bones, offering to your player owned house and wilderness altars, using the Ectofuntus, cleansing the Nexus, cremating vyres, using the Bonecrusher and cleansing Hefin crystals



A creature trapped within the veil between life and death

Using Summoning in combat and training Summoning, for example by creating pouches and scrolls and giving up charm drops to the Charming Imp




These pets are available to all players with the ability to train their respective skills. And, while there’s no lower limit, your likelihood of rolling a combat pet will increase as your skill level increases.

Alongside this update are a bunch of new achievements (which don't count towards your RuneScore) and three new titles: ‘Jack of Blades’, 'Jack of all Blades’ and the illustrious ‘Master of All’ title for anyone focused enough to earn all 27 skill-related pets. The names of the first players to win the new titles will be broadcast across all servers.

For the purposes of bureaucracy, Crabbe the Slayer gargoyle will be joining the eight new combat pets. So it’s no long classified as a skilling pet, it’s now considered as a combat pet.


The Premier Club Vault

The opportunity to secure up to twelve months’ membership at the lowest possible rate (and with lots of goodies to boot) is coming around again on Friday with the launch of this year’s Premier Club. Details of the exciting new package will be released on the day. In the meantime, let’s take a trip down to the Premier Club Vault.

Premier Club Vault is a new D&D which gives you one minute to open as many chests as you can to win rewards - the bigger the chest, the better the prize. It can be accessed through a new portal in the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Members can give it a try for free anytime up until November 30th, after which it will be available on a monthly basis and reserved for Premier Club Gold members. Want to game the system? Buy your Premier Club membership in November and get two goes this month!


Free Weekend

From 12 pm UTC (game time) on November 24 until 12 pm on November 27, the gates of Gielinor will be opening for any players who currently do not have membership. This is for RuneScape only (i.e. not for Old School).

This is for membership only, and does not include RuneMetrics, or any additional features.


Patch Notes

You can read the full list of this week’s updates on the patch notes forum thread.


Live Streams This Week

Tuesday, November 21st – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – RuneScape Content Showcase

This week, the RuneScape team is showing you some teasers of this year’s Christmas Event, an update on Pieces of Hate, and more.

Sunday, November 26th – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Top up your PvM tactics with your weekly dose of monster-killing with Mod Lee!


For more RuneScape Gold information, including the latest RuneScape news, guides and tutorial, please stay tuned.

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