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  • RuneScape Money Making Guide: Killing Araxxi
    By Nancy G2018-06-21 00:00:00

    Today MmoGah will show RuneScape players Money Making Guide - Killing Araxxi, which can make huge profits. Completing the Spider leg is the main profit from killing this monster. The profit is about 8 million RS Gold per hour, but your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed and Araxxi's enrage. Killing this boss is one of the best money making methods.



    Skills 90 Crafting 92 Agility 95 Prayer 96 Herblore 96 Summoning 138 Multicombat

    Items Araxyte pheromone High-level weapons High-level armour


    High-healing food Accuracy boosting aura Damage boosting scrimshaw Adrenaline potion Enhanced excalibur 

    Araxxi's fight has four stages, and you have to finish all these stages before leaving in order to get the loot and leave the fight.

    Phase 1

    Araxxor will only use his cobweb, cleave, and cocoon special attacks during this phase. Two of the paths will be covered by webs, and the other will be blocked by rocks. While you are depleting his health, choose a path and ignite the web to save time, which will take one minute to burn through the web. Lower Araxxor below 5,000 life points before proceeding.


    Phase 2

    Bottom path - Araxxor flees to the ceiling, blocking out the light in the bottom path. The player must have Araxxor destroy the wall, which will have 100 units. The path will be engulfed in darkness with one small spot of light during this phase. The damage begins at 50 and caps at 350 or 450.


    Middle path - Araxxor must be lured to the pool of acid in the center to absorb it, then use his acid to collapse a barrier. He will not use his cocoon attack, instead, it is replaced with the ability to spawn an acidic spider, which must be avoided until it explodes or it will deal up to 32,000 damage at the player during this phase. 


    Top path - Araxxor gains two additional special attacks during this stage if you have burned the web leading to top path. Araxxor can spawn three eggs on the ground which explode after some time if player hatches a spider per each egg or stands on them.


    Phase 3

    Araxxor will copy the paths available to him during this phase. Unseen spiders will watch Araxxor's health, and will heal him for an allotted amount before running out of energy at the start of the phase. They can heal 80% of the sum of the remaining life points Araxxor had for the first 2 phases allotted amount. The fight will advance to stage 4 once Araxxor's health is depleted to 0.


    Phase 4

    Araxxi's attacks are stronger than Araxxor's and will change style depending on your prayer during this phase. The most effective way to reduce the damage of Araxxi's attacks is changing prayers. Araxxi still has access to the cleaving and healing web, summoning minions and cocoon attacks for the first 50,000 health of the fight. You should continue casting Freedom/Anticipation and counting her standard attacks to reduce the potency of her special attacks. Araxxi will drain the player's adrenaline by 50% of maximum, increase her rage by 20%, and release a black sludge at 25,000 life points. Before bouncing towards the player, the sludge will bounce around the platform randomly several times. It will deal powerful and rapid damage when on you. Let the sludge hit you once and then move off of your square. Players can then loot the corpse for the reward and can right click on the corpse to leave the area once Araxxi reach 0 health points.


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