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  • RuneScape Guide: How to Complete Cabin Fever
    By Michel Z2017-11-10 00:00:00

    Cabin Fever is one of RuneScape's pirate series quests in which you learn to become a pirate by aiding Bill Teach in running his ship. This quest is only for members. (in the pirate series quests, only the Pirate's Treasure is a F2P quest) You will be rewarded with access to the island of Mos Le'Harmless as well as kill cave horrors. Today MmoGah shares with you how to finish Cabin Fever.




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    This is a medium length quest (12-33 minutes), to do this quest, you have to complete the quest of Pirate’s Treasure as well as Rum Deal. We also recommend you to finish the quest of Ghosts Ahoy first, because you will need ecto-tokens and a ghostspeak amulet to enter, and some coins to charter a ship. 11 free inventory space is also recommended.

    For required skills, you need:

    · 42  Agility

    · 45  Crafting

    · 50  Smithing

    · 40  Ranged

    None of the levels may be boosted.


    To start this quest, you need to travel to The Green Ghost Inn in Port Phasmatys and speak to Bill Teach who is the captain of The Adventurous. Then you go to the Port Phasmatys docks, and board the easternmost ship, you will offer your help to Bill and begin your journey as a pirate. 


    Firstly, The Adventurous will be attacked by the enemy, Bill asks you to destroy the enemy ship. You search the repair locker to take out four ropes, and procure a fuse from the gun locker. Then you climb up the ship's ladder to the main deck, and use the climbing net to climb up the main mast. Use your rope on the hoisted sail of your ship to swing over to the enemy ship. Failing the jump will completely deplete your Energy. 



    There are 26 pirates on the enemy ship. Climbing up the net on the main mast can let you escape from them. The cannon is on the west side of the deck and you use the fuse on the powder barrel next to it. Light the fuse to blow up the barrel and the cannon. Climb back on the main mast using the net, and using a rope, swing back over to The Adventurous. If you forgot to bring a second rope, you can find one in the south-west corner of the main deck of the enemy pirate's ship.


    Now, Bill will ask you to fix the hull. Climb down the ship's ladder and search the repair locker for 6 repair planks, 30 tacks, and 3 swamp paste. There are three holes, each hole takes two planks, ten tacks, and one swamp paste to fix.

    For each hole, use a repair plank and then a swamp paste on the ship hull to patch it up.


    After you have built your defence, it’s time to teach your enemy a lesson. Bill asks you to pillage the enemy ship and bring back their booty. Climb the net again and swing back over to the enemy ship.

    Climb down the ship's ladder. Steal from the chest, loot the crate and ransack the barrel for enemy plunder, you will need to wait for it to respawn. You need 10 plunder, but looting all three once only provides you with 6 plunder, 3 being from the chest, 2 from the crate and 1 from the barrel. It takes about 5 minutes for the plunder to respawn; however, you can simply hop worlds or log out and back in for the plunder to respawn. The barrel will respawn first, then the crates and the chest.

    After you have ten plunder in your inventory, return to the main deck, then return to your ship.

    Climb down the ladder, and use your plunder on the plunder storage at the back. Note that if you leave the ship, you will lose the plunder and have to steal it back over again. You can only store ten plunder because Bill will confiscate any surplus in your inventory when you talk to him.


    Now, your task is to blast the enemy ship with cannon, you are going to prepare and fire the cannon when the pirate ship is directly in front of it. 

    Climb down the ladder, search the gun locker and take a cannon barrel. Climb back up and left-click the broken cannon to fix it. Talk to Bill again, then go down to search the gun locker for a ramrod, a few fuses, and a cannon canister. Return to the main deck and choose the take-powder option from the powder barrel beside the cannon. Gunpowder is in the powder barrel located right next to the cannon, you just left click the 'take powder' option. 

    1. Use gunpowder on the cannon.

    2. Use the ramrod on the cannon.

    3. Use a canister on the cannon.

    4. Use a fuse on the cannon.

    5. Fire the cannon!

    6. Use the ramrod on the cannon again to clean it out.


    If you miss, you must use the ramrod on the cannon to clean it out and then repeat the steps until you score a hit. Note that if you don't clean the cannon, it will explode, and you have to replace the broken barrel with a new one from the gun locker. 


    When you hit the enemy with the canisters, talk to Bill, he’ll tell you to sink the pirate ship by blasting holes in its hull; three would be enough. Go down below and search the gun locker to get three cannonballs. Back to the main deck, clean the cannon out with a ramrod and then repeat the steps until you have hit the enemy ship three times in a row.


    You can also follow Youtuber Lildogdog RS to finish this quest:



    When you hit the enemy three times, you will be rewarded:


    · 2 quest points

    · 7,000 Smithing experience

    · 7,000 Crafting experience

    · 7,000 Agility experience

    · 10,000 coins (only if you speak to Bill Teach after the quest)

    · Access to Mos Le'Harmless

    · Access to kill cave horrors

    · Book o' piracy

    · Charter ship prices are halved

    · Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice 


    Congratulations, you have completed the Cabin Fever quest! For more RS Gold information, including the latest RuneScape news, guides and tutorial, please stay tuned.