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RuneScape: Free Items! Astromancer & Coronet & Gnomeball

The RuneScape team has released some free items for RS players this week, including Astromancer, Crown of Seasons (Coronet of Spring, Coronet of Summer, Coronet of Autumn, Coronet of Winter) and Gnomeball, which can be obtained from Diango freely. Now the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you details.


Astromancer Outfit

The Astromancer outfit is a 5 piece (hat, robe top, robe bottom, gloves, boots) outfit that could be unlocked by distributing 1,000 Astromancer credits to each four factions. The outfit could be charged with astromancer credits as well, and each charge for 100 credits (up to 50). Once a day for one charge, the outfit can spawn a small meteorite that grants 25% more experience in a chosen skill than normal Small XP lamp. If the skill chosen is one of player's five lowest skills, it will be 75% more. (It will spawn a large meteorite instead of small one.)



Crown of Seasons

Coronet of Spring:

The Coronet of Spring was made by 500 Flourishing seeds combined. This item could be combined with the Summer, Autumn and Winter coronets to make a Crown of Seasons. However, attempting to combine them now gives the message: "You can no longer combine these items to create the Crown of Seasons."

Note: the introduce of Coronet of Summer, Autumn and Winter is similar to Coronet of Spring.

Large Gnomeball

The large gnomeball was formerly a rare reward available on Treasure Hunter, however it is available for free from Diango now.



As it is kicked around by players, it gains new forms that it can be changed into. Each form, apart from the basic one, has an emote associated with it. When it is in free mode, players have a chance of failing to kick the ball. A message will show in the chatbox: "You fail to kick the ball anywhere" if you fail to kick the ball. When the ball in is rolling mode, it will bounce off walls and players. The ball can be easily retrieved at any time by right-clicking it in the inventory, eliminating the risk of losing it. Other players' simultaneous kicks also count towards the kick count, which can reduce the time required to level it up drastically.


One method of quickly increasing the kick count is to place the ball inside a pillory cage in Yanille or Varrock, and kick the ball repeatedly. A large number of players can simultaneously kick the ball without the need to retrieve the ball or run anywhere.


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