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RuneScape: Activities for the Summer Beach Party

Summer Beach Party is a RuneScape event that started on 30 July 2018 and will last until 27 August 2018. It includes previous events, as well as a new "face in the hole" areas. There are lots of activities around the beach, which can make you gain experience in different skills. Unique item tokens can also be a rare prize from any of the activities. Now MmoGah will show you details.



Sandy Clue Scrolls

Players may right-click to Reyna to request a Sandy Clue Scroll. This event is similar to completing Treasure Trails with a unique set of various clues. A new trail becomes available each day, and any missed days' trails may be completed retroactively. Rewards include various treasure trail rewards, as well as beach items such as water balloons. When completing a clue, two caskets are rewarded. One may be opened immediately, the other will require using an ice cream to cool down the lock.



Clawdia is an hourly boss who emerges from the water-filled hole in the middle of the crater 45 minutes after every hour. This is indicated by rain falling at the beach. She is level 250 and has 10,000,000 life points, with damage dealt scaling to the player's level and life points. Participating players will obtain loot if Clawdia retreats before being killed, but no killcount for unlocking rewards.



Happy Hour

A "Happy Hour" is a scheduled set time which makes every activity a spotlight plot, allows players to do the activities without the temperature gauge increasing and an increased chance to receive items. Players also will receive an additional 10% at all the skilling locations on the beach. Because the temperature gauge is frozen, players can continue skilling even if they had previously capped both temperature and ice cream for the day.


Coconut Shy

There is one coconut shy on the beach, located in the south-eastern corner and run by Sarah. It provides Ranged experience relative to the type of projectile thrown and the player's Ranged level. Tropical coconuts from Palm Tree Farming can also be deposited here for Farming experience.



Beach Ball Rolling

You can find the beach ball rolling portal in the northern area of the beach. Entering it teleports the player to the beach ball rolling event island where players roll beach balls down a slope and run after them, trying to keep upright for as long as possible. Participating in the Beach Ball Rolling grants Agility experience. If players collide with an object on the route, they will fall over. They can also fall over randomly without colliding and inevitably fall over at the 45 meters, making it impossible to reach the bottom.



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