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RuneScape 3: Safecracking Guide

By Michel Z2018-05-01

Welcome to a Safecracking guide for RuneScape 3. This guide will cover the most optimal route for 96 Thieving onwards. Safecracking is a Thieving update which was released on April 30. From the safes, you will get a good amount of Thieving XP, Pilfer points, and some RuneScape Gold.

Puretppc is one of the best YouTubers who share good RuneScape guides, so please click  puretppc's video for more details on how to do Safecracking, and all the content of this guide is quoted from his video. This video doesn't include the Rogue's Castle in the deep wilderness:



Maikeru RS also has a good tutorial on Safecracking:




Here are the requirements:

· All parts of Buyers & Cellars quest

· Minimum 62 Thieving

· 96 Thieving for all safes

· Also other various quests depending on location

· Safes are scattered across the world

· Level tier divided by location


To get started, you are going to speak to the safe-cracking trainer which is in the north-east corner of the Thieves' Guild. The option you are going to select is the first one (With pleasure), and he will give you a stethoscope and a small loot bag.


Below is how it works:

When you find the safe, just click and crack it to open, and your character will automatically use the Stethoscope while trying to guess the lock combination. Your character will automatically keep doing it until the safe is fully open, so it is slightly AFK.


There are multiple phases which are called Dial Locks, the higher tier safes will have more Dial locks.


You can speed up the process by paying more attention, so whenever you see a blue light flashing, you just click the light immediately, which in turn unlocks 1 lock phase. If you click it a little too late, you won’t unlock the lock phase immediately and you will have to wait until it flashes again.


When the safe is fully looted, you’ll receive the loot in your loot bag, you will also have a chance to get some special items which can be sold for Pilfer points. Each safe takes 5 minutes to respawn, however, there are also a few exceptions.



Here is the rotation for optimal XP:


Zemouregal's Fortress

You are going to use your Tokkul-Zo to the Fight Caves and then run north to the Fairy ring. You can otherwise use the portable Fairy ring if you want. The destination for this is the Glacor Cave, and the fairy ring code is d.k.q.


When you enter the cave, you are going to run north-east and exit the cave, then keep going west until you reach the fortress. When you enter the fortress, you go a little north and go to the first door to your right, then go to the room and you will see 4 safes to loot. This requires the Curse of Arrav quest to access the fortress as well as 90-96 Thieving to loot all 4 safes.


In order to use this teleport, you are required to complete the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. Unfortunately, the safes take 10 minutes to respawn instead of 5.


Zanaris marketplace

The fastest way to get there is by using the Slayer cape and then selecting the fourth option: Chaeldar who is the Fairy Slayer master. Then you are going to run north and go directly south-east. However, if you don’t have the Slayer cape, you can just use a Tokkul-Zo teleport and run east from the fairy ring.


When you enter, you must pay a cut diamond. Luckily, it is not needed if you have completed the Fairy Tale III quest.


There are 2 safes in this location, the first one is in a house north of the entrance, and the second one is in the south-west corner of the marketplace. The requirements for these are 90 and 94 Thieving respectively, and they both require the Lost city quest to access them. So you need to complete the Fairy Tale III quest if you don’t want to pay for the entrance.



In order to get there fast, you need to use quick lodestone teleport. Then you go open the first door south near the lodestone. The first safe is behind the stack of crates. There is another safe located in a bar, so after you loot the first safe, you go south-east and enter the bar then climb up the ladder and you’ll open the safe directly south of it. Both of them require 83 Thieving. The reason why you’ll want to loot these is that there’s a lot of downtime between the Tier 90 safe spawns.


Camelot Castle

The Camelot teleport lands you outside the castle, or you can use the Seers' Village Lodestone and run east from there. When you enter the castle, you are going to the west room. Now you’ll see 2 safes adjacent to each other which only require 83 Thieving and completing the Holy Grail quest.


Ardy Marketplace

In order to get there fast, you need to use Ardy teleport spell. You are going to enter the west house of the marketplace and climb up the stairs. Now the first safe is located upstairs, just right beside the room where you climbed up the stairs. This only requires 83 Thieving.


The other safe is in the north house of Ardy marketplace. You can use the Ardy teleport spell then you just run outside the house and walk there. It is basically north of the Bakery stall. You will enter it and climb up the stairs, open the door and go to the next room. This should be your final stop of rotation. Overall, the full rotation should take about 10.5 minutes.


Every 2 rotations, you’ll want to teleport back to the Thieves' Guild by using your Teleport tablets. You right-click Fence chief to hand in the loot from the loot bag, and you will get a ton of Thieving XP, Pilfer Points, and some RS3 Gold.


The Thieving XP from handing in does not stack with any bonus XP, but it’s still pretty awesome. If you don’t have medium loot bag unlocked, you’ll have to hand in every 1 rotation.


Pilfer Point Rewards

Let’s talk about the Pilfer point rewards. The reward shop is owned by Dodgy Derek in the Thieves' Guild. One of the key rewards is that you can upgrade the size of your loot bag which then allows more trips before having to dump it off to the Guild master, and it only costs 500 points for a medium bag. So I highly suggest you to upgrade this first.


There are also some amazing consumables you can buy:

· Shock Absorber: It protects you from being stunned

· Elf Thieving Clan Reset: It resets the cooldown of all clans instantly

· Thieving guild teleport tablets


You can also buy a lockpick and the master stethoscope which can be placed on your toolbelt.



XP Rates

By using these methods, puretppc can get 720K XP/H without any modifiers, 700 Pilfer points/H, and 12 special items. 


If you were to do the Rogue’s Castle+Tier 90 location instead of what is showed before, then you would get at least 900K XP/H. This is faster but there’s risk in it, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to you or not. 


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