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    This 1-99 Construction Guide for Old School Runescape includes 3 methods to train Construction: the cheapest, the fastest, and an alternative method. There is also a summary at the end of the guide so that you can see which one you should pick. Content for this article was inspired by Theoatrix OSRS's video.




    This is the current OSRS gold per XP for each plank and how much XP each one gives:

    • Regular planks: 29 XP (10.7 rsgp/XP)
    • Oak planks: 60 XP (7.7 rsgp/XP)
    • Teak planks: 90XP (9.3 rsgp/XP)
    • Mahogany planks: 140 XP (14.6 rsgp/XP) 
    • Exception include: Mythical cape rack & Legend’s cape rack & more 

    Oaks have always been the cheapest and will always be cheaper due to their lower cost at the Sawmill. 


    To start training Construction, you can go to any Estate agent in Old School RuneScape. Many the major cities around the game have Estate agents. The first house is in Rimmington which is a great area to train Construction at a low level. 


    Before you unlock Butler (needs level 40 Construction to unlock), the best way to train Construction is using the Rimmington Portal and unnoting Planks at Phials (General store). When you run back to the Portal, you can right-click and enter straight into the Building mode.


    Levels 1-33

    To begin training Construction, you need:

    • 1 Saw
    • 1 Hammer
    • 400 Steel nails
    • 166 Regular planks
    • 452 Oak planks


    You are going to make:

    • 14 Crude wooden chairs
    • 46 Wooden chairs
    • 73 Oak chairs
    • 102 Oak armchairs

    Doing these will get you all the way to level 33, and the cost would be 180K rsgp.


    There are cheap ways for training Construction through things like Limestone. But you’re far better off making money through Slayer or Bossing and then spending the money on faster Construction XP.


    At level 40 Construction, you can hire a Butler at the Servants' Guild which is located north of the marketplace in East Ardougne. Butlers can take items from Bank for you, and using a Butler will increase your XP per hour. Though it costs you some OSRS gold, it is worth using them. In order to hire a Butler, you need to have two bedrooms in your house. Lower level butlers are not recommended since Construction training is very fast.


    Tip with Butlers: If you are trying to save money, always ask to get the maximum amount of items (because it’s every 8 trip, not items).  

    Regular Butler (Level 40 Construction):                                

    12 seconds to bank

    20 items per trip

    5K rsgp every 8 trips


    Demon Butler (Level 50 Construction):

    7.2 seconds to bank

    26 items per trip

    10K rsgp every 8 trips 



    1. Cheapest Methods 

    From level 33, there are 3 different ways for training Construction. First is the cheapest but fast way to get level 99.

    Levels 33-47: Making Oak larders

    Larders to 47: 119 Larders (480 XP per Larder)

    Planks to 47: 952 Oak planks

    Cost: 400K-450K rsgp


    Levels 47-99: Making mounted Mythical capes

    Planks to 99: 105,079 Teak planks

    Cost: 94M rsgp

    XP per hour: 250K to 290K

    Time from 47 to 99: 50 hours


    Making mounted Mythical capes requires Dragon Slayer II, and the reason why it is so much cheaper than the other method is that you get more XP per plank. Since you’re adding a Mythical cape, the game gives you more XP. But when you remove the mounted Mythical cape off the wall, you’ll get the cape back.


    If you haven’t done the Dragon slayer II, then there is another pretty cheap alternative: 


    Levels 47-74: Making Oak larders

    Larders to 74: 2128 Larders (480 XP per Larder)

    Planks to 74: 16583 Oak planks

    Cost: 7.5M rsgp

    Levels 74-99: Making Oak dungeon doors

    Planks to 99: 198,970 Oak planks

    XP per hour: 400K to 470K

    Cost: 100M RS07 gold

    Time to 99: 40 hours (includes Oak larders from level 33 to 74)


    Above are the cheap and quick ways for 99 Construction. Now let’s talk about the more expensive but much faster ways.



    2. Fastest Methods

    Levels 33-52: Making Oak larders

    Planks to 52: 1,757 Oak planks

    XP per hour: 330K to +400K

    Cost: 800K OSRS gold

    Level 52-99: Making Mahogany tables

    Plank to 99: 92,214 Mahogany planks

    XP per hour: 580K to 750K

    Cost: 190M OSRS gold

    Total time from 52-99: 20 hours


    With a Demon butler and very precise clicks, you can get over 600K XP/H when you’re making these, which means you could reach level 99 from level 52 within 1 day.


    But there is a way that is faster than making Mahogany tables, that is Making Mahogany benches (level 77). 

    Making Mahogany benches (level 77)

    XP per hour: 900K to 1.1M

    Cost: 190M OSRS gold

    Total time (77-99): 15 hours 

    Making Mahogany benches costs the same as making Mahogany tables but it’s a lot more click intensive and requires more focus.



    3. Alternative Method

    : Making Teak benches (level 66)

    Planks to 99: 139,314

    XP per hour: 500K to 750K

    Cost: 120M OSRS gold

    Total time: 30 hours

    This is a way that cost much less than making Mahogany benches or Mahogany tables.




    Levels 1-33: Chairs (Regular planks & Oak planks)


    Cheapest Way:

    Oak larders (33-47), Mythical cape rack (47-99)

     Cost: 95M RuneScape gold


    Oak larders (47-74), Oak dungeon doors (74-99)

    Cost: 104M RuneScape gold


    Fastest Way:

    Oak larders (33-52), Mahogany tables (52-77), Mahogany benches (77-99)

    Cost: 193M RuneScape gold


    Alternative Way:

    Teak benches (66-99)

    Cost: 125M RuneScape gold


    So if you have a lot of RuneScape gold, then it’s probably worth doing with the Mahogany benches; if you want to save money, you can stick to Oak or do mounted Mythical capes.


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