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Shadowblade Update of Revelation Online Now Live



The time has come for the Assassin of Revelation Online to emerge from the mists and inflict the most lethal strikes to the unwary. The Shadowblade Update is now live!


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The Assassin's school was founded by Night Shadow, a devoted follower of the Yellow Warden. Its purpose? To execute anyone deemed guilty by the warden, regardless of whether the target is human or demon.


After the defeat of all demonic gods, Night Shadow entered a self-imposed exile. While using this exile as a type of solitary training for his body and mind, his efforts accidentally culminated in mastering the long-lost shadow mist technique.


After this revelation, Night Shadow founded the Assassin’s school as a place where the technique could be taught to those he deemed worthy.


Shadowblade Update



Rally with like-minded heroes in your class area, master new powers with the class and equipment change features, and rule the roads of Nuanor with the Venom ZX500 motorbike!



Every class needs a retreat, a place to call home, a safe haven. In Revelation Online, this refuge is known as Class Area, a place unique to your class where you can find vendors and gain access to new Soul Grids and class-specific special skills.


The new Assassin class is hot on our heels. Are you ready to chain-whip your foes into submission before slicing them into ribbons? If so, we’ve got good news for those hoping to try out the Assassin (or any other class) without starting from scratch – the class & equipment change feature, coming to you in the Shadowblade update!


The Venom ZX500 is a rare and heavily mutated monster species that was captured and tamed by the Fire Warden.


The warden labored to remove the creature’s pernicious tendencies, and was mostly successful. But he could not remove the creature’s thirst for blood, as the first riders quickly learned--those who mount the Venom ZX500 Motorbike risk having their own vital essence drained unless properly trained to ride it.


Jump into the game and explore what the Shadowblade Update has to offer. Remember, there’s always glory to be won.


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