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Revelation Online: Welcome to the Eternal Chasm on October 12th

Welcome to the Eternal Chasm of Revelation Online – a gaping maw that leads into the very heart of Nuanor itself, where nothing is ever as it seems.


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Composed of dank tunnel networks that constantly alternate in layout to waylay intruders, this mystical phenomenon serves as home to some of the vilest creatures known to the realm, ready to spill out into the world and wreak utter havoc.



Founded by the first King of Nuanor, the chasm was once fortified by his Eternal Guards in an attempt to protect what was to be its sole occupant – the ancestral dragon, previous mount of the past 5 wardens – in an attempt to preserve it from the threat of demonification.

As time passed, this duty inevitably changed hands, from the original protectors to friends, family and children. Eventually, the reason for there being any guards in the first place faded from memory, allowing corruption to flow unchecked, much to the delight of the now long-neglected and inevitably demonized ancestral dragon.



Dragons are noble beings of power, patience and wisdom, where our mortal years are mere days to them, hence once the poor creature succumbed to evil within what was meant to be a protective containment, all it had to do was wait, gather strength, and allow the passage of time to naturally weaken the outer defenses of its ‘prison’ by allowing neglect to take root.

Now, the time is ripe for the Eternal Chasm to widen its maw and spew death and destruction upon Nuanor, for patience doth not quell demonic rage, it simply stokes the flame. The scream of the ancient dragon bellows across the land, daring anyone to try and contain the beast any longer.



Will you heed the challenge and brave the depths of the Eternal Chasm to save Nuanor from being consumed from the inside-out, or watch as this tainted draconic force finally emerges at full strength to conquer and demonize the known world?


From October 12th, the Eternal Chasm you once knew will be gaining 3 new modes and a wealth of changes, all beyond the existing level 59 and 69 versions:


   5-man Level 79 version.

   10-man level 79 version.

   10-man level 79 legendary mode (hardest)

   7 bosses and 2 hidden bosses.



Can you handle the twisting layouts and endless waves of draconic evil? Will you go above and beyond by conquering the new modes before everyone else in the name of fame and fortune? Or will you be swallowed into the bowels of madness, never to be seen again? From October 12th, the new and improved Eternal Chasm will be eager to test your resolve. Do not disappoint it!


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