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New Sulan of Revelation Online: New Oceanview Furniture and Frontiers


In this latest delve into the New Sulan update of Revelation Online we’re looking at the changes going on in and around Oceanview houses. Significantly, the magic barrier around seafront properties is being removed so you can head to nearby waters to fish, dive, and ride on water mounts. However, there will remain many dangers lurking in the depths, so players will be unwise to venture too far.


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Once you’re tired out from your shoreline exertions, you can simply come home and craft an all-new furniture set! A group of strangely dressed merchants from a land far to the west has come to the Sulan Commerce Center, and they’ve brought with them a new set of furniture called the Phoenix Feather set. With the required material and a bit of effort piecing things together, the set should look great in your sea-view abode!


Fiery Phoenix Roost required materials: 50 Special-grade Wood, 30 Phoenix Feathers, 10 Silvermoon, 20 Swan Satin, 2 Snow Gossamer, and 5 Golden Cedar.


White Feather Screen required materials: 5 Silvermoon, 20 Phoenix Feathers, 3 Redwood Blocks, and 5 Swan Satin.


Golden Feather Partition required materials: 2 Dark Gold, 20 White Sandalwood Resin, and 3 Redwood Blocks.


Golden Feather Screen required materials: 10 Dark Gold, 20 White Sandalwood Resin, 3 Redwood Blocks, and 1 Golden Cedar.


Regal Recliner required materials: 10 Sturdy Boards, 50 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Swan Satin, and 5 Golden Cedar.


Regal Round Table required materials: 10 Silver, 10 Sturdy Boards, 50 White Sandalwood Resin, 10 Redwood Blocks, and 5 Golden Cedar.



Plumage Parasol required materials: 10 Silver, 10 Brocades, 50 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Swan Satin, and 8 Snow Gossamer.


Floating Cuckoo Bench required materials: 10 Silvermoon, 10 Brocades, 50 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Swan Satin, 8 Snow Gossamer, and 3 Golden Cedar.


Swantail Sofa required materials: 10 Silvermoon, 50 Phoenix Feathers, 20 Swan Satin, 5 Snow Gossamer, 1 Golden Cedar, and 5 Gold Silk Threads.


Vermillion Feather Rug required materials: 5 Thin Reds, 10 Brocades, 30 Phoenix Feathers, 10 Swan Satin, and 1 Snow Gossamer.


Swan Feather Rug required materials: 5 Silver, 10 Brocades, 30 Phoenix Feathers, 10 Swan Satin, and 1 Snow Gossamer.


Luminous Peacock Lamp required materials: 5 Silver, 20 White Sandalwood Resin, 1 Dragonscale Dust, and 1 Snow Gossamer.



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