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Where to Find and Catch Special Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Shirley Huang October 14th, 2016 Pokemon Go    MmoGah News

Walking and traveling around is the biggest and best tip for finding special Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Try to visit different areas, not only in terms of population and geographic location, but also in their environment. Today Mmogah will share you where and how to find and catch special Pokemons.

If you want to find some certain Pokemons, such as Zubats and Rattata, you can see them everywhere, whether in the desert or around the Boston. But the frequency of other commonly-spawned Pokemon depends on where you are, and the typical climate for that location;

If you want to catch Fire or Rock type of Pokemon, such as Geodude, Sandshrew, Growlithe and Mankey are likely to appear in arid climates like California;

If you want to catch Grass, Bug, or Flying type Of Pokemon, such as Caterpie, Weedle, Oddish, and Spearow will pop up in grassland areas;

If you want to catch Psychic or Water type of Pokemon, such as Psyduck, Poliwag, Staryu and Magikarp will appear in coastal land.

It doesn't mean you won't find these types of Pokemons outside their general place, but there is little chance.



Of course, you can use Pokemon Go tracking system to locate more Pokemons easily, but this system has left a lot of players frustrated. Tracking system become completely ineffective at pinpointing the location of a given Pokemon. Luckily for trainers around the globe, there is an alternative to the Pokemon Go tracking tool called Pokevision.


What's the Pokevision

 It is a google maps software meshed with the game and allows players to see Pokemon real time, which making it easier to see where the Pokemon to go!

Pokevision is a website that is currently being used by a large number of players as a substitute for the broken tracking tool. Players who are looking for specific kinds of Pokemon will find Pokevision an invaluable tool in expanding their teams. Pokevision has helped trainers engaged on Pokemon go while Niantic sorts out whatever problems exist within the software.


Using Pokevision to locate specific Pokemon

Trainers can use Pokevision to see where certain kinds of Pokemon are more likely to spawn in their hometown or areas and discern which areas are rare Pokemons frequently to treat as home.

When Players input a specific location into the search bar, the Pokevision will find that place on a map and display all the Pokemons that are nearby. Each Pokemon present is helpfully shown by a small sprite on top of its approximate location, a feature that makes it very easy for trainers to know exactly what they’re looking for. One of the most useful features is that Pokevision has a small timer appears below each sprite. The timer indicates how long one Pokemon will remain in displayed area.

Pokevision has also recently implemented a feature that makes locating specific Pokemon much easier. Players can choose Pokevision not to display specific kinds of Pokemons, and focus on bolstering their team.



If you want to catch a lot of Pokemons, you need to in a place with PokeStop

PokeStop is one place where allows you to collect items, such as eggs and Poke balls to capture more Pokemons! 

You can select PokeStop near you, such as historical marker, monument, and art installation. PokeStop is indicated on your map with blue icon. When you're close enough to interact with the icon, it will change shape. Clicking on the icon, it will allow you to swipe the Photo Disc, which can generate items in bubbles. Tap the bubbles to collect your items!

After you've collected items from a PokeStop, the icon's color will change to purple, and you will not be able to collect items from it again until it refreshes to blue, which takes about five minutes. So you don't need to travel away from the PokeStop, as long as your living place or working place near a PokeStop, you can always get items!

Generally, a PokeStop will grant you three to four items at a time. Once you reach level 5, PokeStop will grant you exclusively eggs, six Poke balls, revives and potions, so that you can access Gyms and win gym battles.



How to Create a PokeStop Farming Spot

PokeStops can be a great place to find Pokemon, but some communities have created actual farming spots that can churn out near endless supplies of Pokemon.

The most important part of a farming spot is location.

Many players treat parks as a general starting point to hunt Pokemon. If you don't have parks nearby, you can try to find one place with PokeStops or Gyms, such as malls and university campuses, even gas stations can spawn multiple Pokemons at a time. They're not always rare monsters, but hanging out is a great way to farm XP if you're looking to catch lots of Pokemons in a short period of time.

The PokeStops serve two important services

- They can provide a constant Pokemon when lures are placed at them, and the more PokeStops near you, the less downtime you'll have after catching pokemons waiting for new ones to appear.

- The second service is to replenish your poke ball supply, especially if you plan to do this for an extended time, you'll need to refresh your supply.

Spots with multiple PokeStops in big parks or on the waterfront can usually get you a diverse amount of pokemons show up.


All in all, we hope this guideline can help you to catch more special Pokemons. At the same time, we can provide Pokemon Go boost, Rare Pokemon Go accounts, Pokemon Go accounts, Pokemon Go stardust and Unique Pokemon Go account services for you. Mmogah has more than 10 years' experience in the gaming market. If you choose us, we won't let you down.



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