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The Major Updates of Pokemon Go Will Possibly Come This Year

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pokemon Go developer Niantic CEO John Hanke said that some major updates of Pokemon Go will come this year, but he had not revealed the exact date: “The games that we’re building are built for augmented reality. We’re going to take advantage of the wearable that exist today while we wait and work with partners to bring to market A.R. glasses and other forms of advanced A.R. technology. With Pokemon GO we’re only getting started with the game.”

Here mmogah as a professional pokemon go booster would like to make a summary about these major updates.


Legendary Pokemon will be added to the game

Legendary Pokemon is a rare type of pokemons you can collect in the original games.

Legendary Pokemon has yet to be added to the game. The generation one legendary creatures include Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. Niantic has plan to bring generation two legendary Pokemon to the game too. It's currently unclear and so far we don't know exactly when legendary pokemon will come to the game. Legendary pokemon would be appear at a famous location, or perhaps be found in the places that are hard to reach.

Legendary Pokemon would make sense for players, with the warmer weather well suited to hunt rare Pokemons in the wild.

Niantic is also working on a follow-up Pokemon Go Plus - wearable style, which is almost as elusive as those Legendary Pokemons.

The Pokemon Go Plus device is a handy tool for those trainers on the move and the right Pokemon Go. It is a handy way to pick up those many needed Evolution Items.

Niantic is looking to partner with existing companies to build dedicated wearable that will make this game more enjoyable.


Pokemon Go Gen 2 will be added to the game

This update is supposed to add about 100 new monsters to the game in the coming months.

The latest event has overrun the starter of Pokemon.

Hatching certain species from an egg has always been a bit of a mystery. However, the players have worked out how things work:

Egg species is determined according to hidden rarity 'tiers' that are not the same as the egg distance tiers (i.e. 2 km, 5 km, 10 km), it means that not all 10 km egg species are rarer than 2 km egg species or 5 km egg species. For example: Dratini is presently a very common hatch, despite being in 10 km eggs. It is currently easier to acquire a 10 km egg with a Dratini inside than a 2 km egg with a Machop inside.

Over 8,000 egg hatches has revealed that there might be four rare tiers in playing game:






New PokeStops and Gyms will be added to the game

The Game Developers' Conference senior product manager - Tatsuo Nomura said “The gym portion of Pokemon Go needs a lot of work to do, and we are trying to improve it and make a bigger change to how the system works. Overall, I think we need a little bit more time to think how we do it.

We need to define gyms in a way that works in a mobile game. We expect players can cooperate each other."

Niantic has confirmed the major update about the gyms that will come late, but we would be waiting a while before it is released. It is certainly one of the game's poorest elements, and one of the hardest features to translate from the mainline games, which will take some time to do it. 


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