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How to Win Gym Battles and Form Team in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Gyms are towering, spinning monuments found out in the wild, which can be captured with gym battles defended by increasing their prestige level. Unlike the classic game series, battles are central in Pokemon Go which are relegated to team-versus-team battles over the control of Gyms. Trainers collect them and battle in Gyms. What gyms you can challenge depend on what team you join, and your Pokemon’s efficacy in battle relies on both careful planning and quick reflexes. Let Mmogah share some important guides with Pokemon Go fans.


Picking a team

At level five, you’ll be able to join one of the game's three teams: Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), or Valor (red). The differences between the teams are purely cosmetic, but it's worth siding with the same team as a friend, allowing you to tackle Gyms easier. Once you have joined a team, you can help defend or challenge Gyms at your leisure.


Gym battles rewards

In your travels, you will come across Gyms, which is the only way to go against other trainers’ Pokemons. To challenge a gym, you’ll need to be close enough to the real-world location to begin a battle. Once you’re in proximity to it, you’ll be able to assemble a team of up to six Pokemons to battle against that gym’s team.

Once you're in a Gym, you'll earn a bonus for defending it. That will give you coins and some Stardust to help you buy items or boost your Pokemon.

You'll get 10 coins per Gym that you defend and this is refreshed every 21 hours. You can defend 10 Gyms, and you really need to be in as many as you can for those coins and Stardust to mean anything.


How to win Gym Battles

While Pokemon gamers are surprisingly complex role-playing games, Pokemon Go has a simplified, real-time battle system that comprises of three moves - a regular attack, a special attack, and a dodge.

Tip 1. With combat being relatively simple, there are two factors that are much more important than your tactical prowess; a Pokemon's CP and Type.

- You essentially want your CP to be as high as possible. You can evolve a Pokemon with candies and stardust to increase its CP. Sometimes your Pokemons are weaker than the enemy’s, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose the game.

- Pokemons have weaknesses and resistances. Pay attention to the types of Pokemons that you’re going against. Each Pokemon has a basic attack and a special attack.

Not all special attacks are worth using. Sometimes, a high damage, high-speed quick attack can deal out more DPS than a slow, medium-damage special attack.

Tip 2. If your Pokemon faint or become injured during battle, revive and heal them with potion before attempting another battle.

Tip 3. Make ensure that an allied gym doesn’t fall into enemy hands, so you need to increase its level. For example, a level 2 gym can hold two Pokemons. Each player can only assign one Pokemon per gym. The high gym level means more Pokemons will defending it, and it will be tougher for the enemy team to claim it.

Tip 4. Join forces with other trainers. You can fight against enemy gyms alongside other players, and that makes taking down a rival gym much easier.

Tip 5. After you have defeat a rival gym, you’ll knock down the gym’s prestige level, and your Pokemon will gain experience. So, even if you fail to beat every Pokemon at a gym, you can still whittle down the gym’s prestige, and make it easier for other trainers on your team to take it over. Again, teamwork pays off!

Tips 6. You can anticipate an incoming attack by watching for the yellow "flash" on the screen - look to dodge immediately after seeing that. It's possible to take down an entire Gym without taking damage, if you have some particularly prodigious reflexes.

Tips 7. Defending Pokemon have double HP, to compensate for the fact that they're managed by the AI, so can't dodge or use much strategy in their attacks. That means placing high-HP Pokemon in Gyms is a more efficient way to defend than with strong attackers, such as Snorlax, Lapras, or Vaporeon.

How to defend your gym

If you manage to beat all the Pokemons at a given gym and cut down its prestige to zero, you can take over it. You may even come across an unclaimed gym while wandering around. If you do, post up one of your strong Pokemon to defend it on behalf of your team. Be aware that putting a Pokemon in a gym means it will be unavailable until it is defeated and returned to you.

Unfortunately, maintaining control of a gym does not impart any bonus or benefit to your Pokemon, and it simply increases the prestige of the gym, which means that more trainers can add Pokemon to defend it.

In short, we hope you can use this guide to make the most of your Pokemon’s combat abilities, and come out victorious. Mmogah as a trustworthy Pokemon go boosting site, we often share some Pokemon tips, and we provide rare Pokemon go accounts, Pokemon go accounts service for you. If you need any of them, Mmogah is your best choice.


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