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How to Level Up Fast in Pokémon Go - Higher Level, Better Pokémons!

Alice Fu August 12th, 2016 Pokemon Go    MmoGah News

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

As a Pokémon game like others, Pokémon Go released by Niantic is popular among players. But what makes Pokemon Go different from other Pokémon games and more popular? I think it is because that Pokemon Go combine the reality world with the game itself perfectly, which sets the Pokemons in reality places all over the world. Players should hunt around outside to capture various Pokemons. Other than Pokemons catching, how to level up Pokemon account is also a key thing that players concern about. I will share some tips in this article to help players gain XP fast and level up fast.


1.  Capture as many Pokemons as possible

The Experience needed for boosting levels mainly comes from Pokemon Catching (100 XP for Pokemon Caught). If you capture a New Pokemon that you don’t have in your Pokédex, then you can gain extra 500 XP for a New Pokemon. You will get some Items from turning the Pokéstops and receiving the rewards of Pokemon Catching, such as Incense, Lure Module, Razz Berry, which are helpful to catch Pokemons. Use the Incense and Lure Module to attract more Pokemons and use the Razz Berry to lower the Pokemon escaping chance if you don’t catch it for the first time. So remember to capture as many Pokemons as possible, regardless of you already have them or not.


2.  Master well how to throw the Poké Ball

Do not ignore how to throw the Poke Ball, you should master it well. You can throw Nice, Great, Excellent. If you throw Great, then you can get extra 50 XP and if you throw Excellent, you can get 100 XP. Such as this, why not try to get extra XP when throw Poke Balls.


3.  Use the Lucky Eggs to double XP in 30 mins

I think it’s better to use the Lucky Eggs early for your game playing, because in the early stage, it is much easier to catch new Pokemons which you don’t have in Pokedex. You must also know that is becomes more difficult to catch new Pokemon latter compared with ealier stage. If you catch a new Pokemon during the effect of Lucy Egg, you can double your XP and get at least 1200 XP.


4.  Rotate PokéStops

You should rotate PokéStops to stock enough Poké Balls, so that you can get well prepared before the Pokemons appear. At the same time, you can gain 50 XP/each from rotating the blue PokéStop. Doing this during the Lucky Eggs Double XP will gain more experience.


5.  Evolve Pokémons to gain Experience

We all know Pokémons can Power Up and Evolve. It increases the CP of a Pokemon by Powering Up (using Stardusts and Pokemon Candies). You can get XP rewards from Power Up, but if you evolve a Pokemon, you can gain 500 XP as rewards. It needs much Candies to evolve a Pokemon, so you’d better catch all Pokemons once you meet them. Leave the Pokemons with higher CP and transfer the lower CP Pokemons to accumulate more Candies. Do not let repeated Pokemons go, because catching them can gain XP and Evolve them can gain XP too. Doing this during the Lucky Eggs Double XP will gain more experience.


6.  Hatch Pokemon Eggs

Use the Incubators to incubate the Pokemon Eggs to gain experience. You can get 200 XP for incubating each Egg. Certainly, if you do this during the double XP time, you can gain double experience too.


7.  Battle the Gyms

Train stronger Pokemons with high CP to battle with others. Battling a Trainer at a Gym can get 100 XP. Defeating a Trainer at a Gym can get 150 XP and defeating a Pokemon at a friendly Gym can get 50 XP.

How to gain XP in Pokemon Go


It will become more difficult to level up fast with your level increases, especially when you reach Lv. 20. Like in other games, Pokemon Go Boosting process is a painful grinding. So you’d better master the tips above to make your boosting way smooth. The website Mmogah.com is a reliable Pokemon Go Boosting provider, which has an elite boosting team to guarantee fast boosting. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to contact the 24/7 online Live Chat.




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