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How to Increase Combat Power of Your Pokemon

Shirley Huang October 07th, 2016 Pokemon Go    MmoGah News

Over the past two month, Pokemon Go fever is almost everywhere. Pokemon Go became a cultural phenomenon in 2016 by giving everyone the chance to catch pokemons. This Augmented Reality (AR) game successfully combines potions of the real world and the virtual world in a way. This means that you need to physically go throughout the real world, and capture as many virtual pocket monsters as possible.

As a Pokemon fan, you must concern on How to locate and catch more Pokemons and How to increase your pokemon's CP to level up fast, so today Mmogah will share some important tips and tricks with you.


 There are two ways to increase your Pokemon's CP

1. Train and evolve your pokemon

Evolving your Pokemon is a sure-fire way to drastically increase your Pokemon's CP in one go, but this could require quite a few candies. Candies can't be purchased in the shop, but you can earn them by catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon and transferring Pokemon.

Evolving your Pokemon is one of the main goals of the game, but it takes you much effort.
For example, in order to evolve an Eevee, you will need 50 Eevee candies. When you catch one Eevee, you will net three candies and transfer one candy. So, you can get four candies when you catch one Eevee. It means that you’ll need to catch about 13 Eevees to evolve one. Moreover, it requires you to give Eevee a special elemental stone to evolve it into either Flareon (fire), Vaporeon (water), or Jolteon (electric), Pokemon Go randomizes your Eevee evolution.

 Different Pokemons' evolution requires different amounts of candies. For example, evolving a Ghastly to a Haunter only needs 25 Ghastly candies, whereas evolving a Haunter to a Gengar needs another 100 Ghastly candies. If you want to evolve a Magikarp to a Gyarados, you’ll need a whopping 400 Magikarp candies (about 100 Magikarps). 

Evolving your Pokemon has a few effects besides making it stronger. Your newly evolved Pokemon will be fully healed, and its moves will be randomly re-selected. Because of this, don't choose which Pokemon you want to evolve based on the moves, since they'll probably change anytime! 

2. Power up your Pokemon

CP is essentially a measurement of how strong the Pokemon is, and it is important to consider when choosing a Pokemon to use in Gym battles. Unlike other traditional games, you don't train your Pokemon by battling in Pokemon GO. Instead, you need to increase your Pokemon's CP by feeding it Candy and Stardust.

Candies are also used for evolution, which is how you’re going to take lower-tier Pokemons and turn them into the ferocious variants. The quantity of candies it will take seems to vary from Pokemon to Pokemon. You’ll likely end up with a ton of candies for some common Pokemons in your area, so it shouldn’t be too hard to evolve.

Stardust is an incredibly important resource. Use it wisely and obtain it as much as you can! You can earn stardust by catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon and defending a gym. If you can't earn it, you can buy Pokemon Go stardust from a reliable Pokemon Go boost site. Stardust applies to all Pokemons, and you can use it when you want to train any given monster. You can get 100 every time when you catch a Pokemon, and you can use it when you want to train your monster. Training can raise a Pokemon’s CP, which making a Pokemon more effective in combat. The difference of candies and stardust is that candies are specific to an individual Pokemon. Each training session takes a single candy.

Like evolving, powering up your pokemon can increase its HP and CP, but at a slower rate. This is one of the more complex aspects of the game. On the surface, it seems simple. Powering up a Pokemon requires fewer candies than evolving it, typically just one or two, but also requires stardust, which you can earn by catching Pokemon and claiming Gym.

CP is an aggregate score based upon three separate stats: attack, defense, and stamina, as well as HP and level. In general, a Pokemon with higher CP will beat the lower CP Pokemon, but that isn’t always the case. It turns out that each Pokemon has a numerical level, the game does not clearly display for some reason. Instead of a number, players see the Pokemon’s CP “potential,” which shows its level on sliding scale relative to your trainer level. 


All in all, we hope that you can master these skills to catch more pokemons and have an exciting experience while playing the game. If you don't have much time to do it, you can buy Pokemon Go boost service, Rare Pokemon Go accounts, Ordinary Pokemon Go accounts or Unique Pokemon Go accounts from a professional site. Mmogah is your best choice, since we have more than 10 years' experience in the gaming industry, which can guarantee that we will provide the excellent service for you.

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