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Path of Exile News: PoE 3.23, Events, and PoE 2

By Nancy G2023-10-10

While the Ancestor League is in full swing, GGG wanted to give us some updates on their upcoming 3.23 expansion timeline, End-of-League Events, and something about Path of Exile 2.


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3.23 Expansion Timeline

The next Path of Exile expansion will launch in early December. Initially, GGG considered a late November release, but with the 3.23 scope being quite ambitious, they need to take a few extra weeks to finish what they have planned.


End-of-League Events

The December release means the current Ancestor League will be extended by a few weeks, so GGG plans to run a series of three in-game events in November. Each of these events will run for about a week. GGG will reveal the details in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye on the news.


Path of Exile 2

As we move towards the closed beta next June, we plan to give you more updates about Path of Exile 2. The next Path of Exile 2 showcase will be released during the 3.23 announcement livestream in late November. Don't miss out on it!


Core Supporter Packs

The next set of Core Supporter Packs will be released alongside the 3.23 announcement, which means that the current Core Supporter Packs will soon be leaving the store forever. In the event that you're actually considering getting yours to zoom around Wraeclast or need to submit a personalised unique to be forever in the Voidborn Reliquary Key, then this moment is the opportunity!



Many highly anticipated Path of Exile expansions and events will come at the end of 2023 and early 2024. Please stay tuned to the professional PoE shop MmoGah for more PoE news. You can also buy cheap and safe PoE currency and items to support your character in the 3.23 league.



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