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3 Useful Items You Can Farm in PoE

Michel ZSeptember 16th, 2021 1841

As a Solo Self-Found character, you can't trade or interact with other players, so you have to farm items yourself. In this guide, Behind Eyes Gaming shares with you three useful Path of Exile items that you can get for free as an SSF character. These items are also very helpful for new players, making your leveling process much easier.

PoE 3.15 Builds: The Best Magic Find Build

Michel ZSeptember 09th, 2021 3128

Do you want to make a Magic Find build that can do all content at the same speed as a fully Min-max build while dropping the most amount of items possible? In this guide, Phoenix shows you how to make a perfect Magic Find build in Path of Exile.

PoE 3.15 Builds: Toxic Rain Raider 

Michel ZAugust 19th, 2021 4500

Welcome to Big Ducks's Toxic Rain Raider build guide. Toxic Rain Raider is one of the fastest builds in Path of Exile. This build is very powerful in leveling and, with this build, you can zoom through the game fast while killing everything in your path.

Best Ways to Get a Tabula Rasa in PoE

Michel ZAugust 11th, 2021 3920

Tabula Rasa is one of the best leveling items in Path of Exile. This unique chest has six white sockets, meaning you can put any gems in them. Meanwhile, it has six links, allowing you to put out a lot of damage so you can level much faster. In this guide, nolaen and BullShifter show you how to get a Tabula Rasa easily.

MmoGah's Promotion Week for PoE Currency and Items Starts August 4 

Michel ZAugust 03rd, 2021 1319

Good News! With the release of Path of Exile Expedition, MmoGah has an awesome offer for you! From August 4 to August 10, PDT, using coupon: Expedition5, you will enjoy 5% off your Path of Exile currency and PoE item purchase.

PoE 3.15 Builds: Best League Starters

Michel ZJuly 28th, 2021 4804

PoE 3.15 is a big Meta shift. People are trying to figure out which builds are still good and which builds will be good. AsmodeusClips gives you a brief list of starter builds for the Path of Exile Expedition League in this guide.

PoE Royale Guide

Michel ZJuly 21st, 2021 2641

Path of Exile: Royale is a Battle Royale style game where you start with a new character in a match with up to 100 players, and the last one to survive wins. You can have a lot of fun in a very short period. If you don't have a ton of time to play and want to do something cool, this is the perfect thing for you.

Path of Exile 2: Trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 2

Nancy GJuly 09th, 2021 1339

Today MmoGah will show you exiles Path of Exile 2's second trailer and gameplay walkthrough. Now let's see the details.

PoE Builds 3.14: Triple Adrenaline Cyclone Build - Champion Duelist

Nancy GJune 25th, 2021 1885

This week, MmoGah will share the last PoE build of this league with you. Today's build is about Triple Adrenaline Cyclone Build - Champion Duelist.

PoE Builds 3.14: Ice Shot Build - Deadeye Ranger

Nancy GJune 12th, 2021 3314

Dear exiles, the Path of Exile build of this week is about Ice Shot Build - Deadeye Ranger. Now let's check it out.

PoE Builds 3.14: Ultimate Winter Orb Build - Occultist Witch

Nancy GJune 04th, 2021 2810

How time flies! We are halfway through the Ultimatum league. The Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will keep up sharing useful PoE Builds with you. Today's build is about Ultimate Winter Orb Build - Occultist Witch. Now let's begin.

PoE Builds 3.14: Brutal Exsanguinate Build - Elementalist Witch

Nancy GMay 28th, 2021 2753

Welcome to the professional PoE Shop. Today we will share the Brutal Exsanguinate Build - Elementalist Witch with you exiles. I hope this build can help you a lot. Now let's begin.

PoE Builds 3.14: Unbreakable Cyclone Build - Gladiator Duelist

Nancy GMay 21st, 2021 3022

Dear exiles, today I will show you the Unbreakable Cyclone Build - Gladiator Duelist, which is a hot Path of Exile build.

How to Trade PoE Currency on MmoGah Marketplace

Nancy GMay 14th, 2021 1395

As all exiles know, currency plays a large role in the player-to-player trading system. So today I will show you How to Trade PoE Currency on Our Marketplace.

PoE Builds 3.14: Explosive Blade Vortex Build - Assassin Shadow

Nancy GMay 11th, 2021 3735

Today’s PoE build is about Explosive Blade Vortex Build - Assassin Shadow. Now the professional PoE Shop will share the details with you exiles.

PoE Builds 3.14: Fire Wild Strike Build - Berserker Marauder

Nancy GApril 30th, 2021 4114

Dear exiles, the weekly PoE Build came as expected. Today’s build is Fire Wild Strike Build - Berserker Marauder. You can view Daniel Toledo’s original video or watch this post directly. Now let’s begin.

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