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Very Important Tips and Tricks for New Players in Overwatch

Overwatch - the fight for the future has begun. It is one of the most refreshing shooters we've seen. It requires completely new tactics that are different from the usual modern, and its 6v6 match mechanics offer both a fun throwback and an entirely new intricate beast.

All players need tactics, team work, experience, skill and moxie to boost overwatch rankings, but few players are focused on improving their skills and learning the intricacies of the game. Here Mmogah as a reliable Overwatch power leveling site shares some useful information with you, so if you don’t know how to play Overwatch, you should read this article before playing the game.

overwatch tips

1. Start from an easy character

Your first decision is to choose one hero. There are 21 heroes in Overwatch, and each hero brings different gameplay. If you’re only interested in killing, you can choose an offense hero; if you understand how to control the enemy to win the matches, you can choose defense hero; if you want to stay alive, a tank is your best bet.

We advise you to start from an easy character, and easy characters are Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Bastion and Lucio, these four characters we have detailed in The best heroes guide in Overwatch, you can choose one suitable for you.

2. Switch your character

This game allows you to switch characters at any time as long as you are in the safe room.  If you find yourself on the receiving end of a world of pain, don’t just keep beating your head against the wall. Switch your hero to another.

You’ll probably find your favorite character pretty quickly, but don’t become too attached, or you can't switch out a fight.

overwatch heroes

3. A well rounded team increases your chance of winning.

Don't get stuck with a single hero! Too many players selected characters they like and want to play, with no regard for team composition or map strategy. Look for synergies and counters to give your team an edge, and never be inflexible when it comes to change heroes.  

Running to murder the enemy is not a winning strategy. If you don’t work with your team and push the object, you’re foolish. We know it is difficult to ask your pals to play the game at the same time – even your friends are in the same style of game.

When everybody’s in it for themselves, you all lose. It is best to leave your favourite character on the bench and pick up another role sometimes, and your chances of victory will increase significantly with a good balance of roles on hand.

4. Kill the Support is one of the important things

There is a chance that you'll be able to do enough damage to kill a player, if you were skirmish with he/she, but in most situations it is paramount to defeat the player that is going to support that guy, and the rest of his team member back up to full health and safety. 

5. Never stop shooting

Ammunition is unlimited. Don’t save your trigger finger only for your personal tally: pop everything you see. You can even do this before the enemy appears.

When you’re trying to pin the enemies down and control their movement, you are a winner.

6. Practice is progression

If your skill is not high, you need to learn the maps, practise with your favourite heroes and work with your buddies, but if you have no time or high technology to win the matches, you can ask a professional Overwatch boosting service site for help.

7. Keep moving around the battlefield

That is to make it harder for enemies to locate and aim at you.

You need to keep moving at any moment, and change your approach angles and directions. Being mobile both mechanically and strategically will make you a tough target for opponents.

8. Stay near the payload

Many players ignored the payload and tried to kill everyone. We advise you to stay near the payload. When you approach an unaware enemy, you can't open fire at once, you need to watch your surroundings first.

9. Be careful with snipers

Overwatch favours snipers: this is a hero who devotes to long distance control. A good defensive player knows the maps well and camps not for killing enemies but keeps the opposing team pinned down somewhere.

The best fight against snipers is to learn the maps, so you can use the cover and avoid their sneaky ways.

10. Don’t save your ultimate

These "ultimate" abilities are the most powerful abilities in Overwatch, and players can release their ultimate abilities to beat the enemies. It’s better to use your ultimate abilities liberally, securing a few kills or clearing an objective point, allowing them to build up again. Using your most powerful skills is always better than finishing the game with your ultimate meter full, but monstrously powerful skills left unused.

All in all, we hope these tips are helpful for you, and we will continue sharing Overwatch guide with you. If you have no time or high technology to win the matches, you can ask a professional Overwatch power rankings service site for help.


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