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Some Important Tips You Need to Know in Competitive Play

Competitive Play is very much anticipated ranked mode for Overwatch. It is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

The current Competitive System is not a progression-based system where you are gaining a set amount of "EXP" for a win. Your individual performance, your and your opponent's skill rating are all important factors to win the competitive play. 

Mmogah as a reliable overwatch boosting seller would like to share some important tips with you, please keep in mind them before jumping into your competitive play.


1. Placement matches are the most important matches of the season.

overwatch competitive play

Before you actually get a rank, you need to complete 10 placement matches. The more you win the placement matches, the higher you reach ranked skill rating.

You will complete 10 matches in competitive to determine your skill level, which puts you in a tier between 1 and 100. Your ranked number is not equal to your skill level, so don't freak out if your skill level is lower than your ranking.

Every competitive match you win will earn you one Ranked Point. Ranked points can be spent on special spray, player icon, each hero's golden weapon and other cosmetic items. If you have no time or energy to play the placement matches, you can ask a professional and elite overwatch boost team for help.


2. Don’t jump into Competitive Play, if you aren't ready. Competitive Play is brand new and shiny, so all players want to get their new rankings as quickly as possible.  Competitive Play isn’t going anywhere, waiting one or two weeks then jumping into it, which can increase your chances of winning those placement matches.


3. Overwatch depends heavily on team compositions, so you must join a team. If you only play one hero, you will have a hard time in your placement matches. If your skill level is low, your team members also can help you win the match, so play the roles you need, not the ones you want. Playing Genji and support are benefit for you, but if your team needs a Mercy, it’s your job to play her.


4. Join Group Chat - Overwatch’s default vocal communication option, which does not include the players that in a game with you.


5. Take Competitive Play Seriously. Ranked mode is the good place where players can prove their ability in the game. It’s not a place where you just to unwind or relax. Your teammates are counting on you, and if you aren’t giving them an answer what you can do, it’s not fair, since you are counting on your teammates too.



6. Sudden Death

In sudden death, the game randomly places one team on offense and the other on defense. If the attackers capture the first objective before time runs out, they win the match, otherwise the defenders are awarded the victory. 

overwatch sudden death

7. Penalties

A rule to prevent negative players' behavior in Competitive Play. Players who leave Overwatch matches or go AFK (away from keyboard) will be ineligible to join a new match until the one you abandoned has been completed.

Do not leave matches! If you leave early or are inactive for a long time, you won’t be able to play another match until the one you abandoned has been completed. You can rejoin the match you left, and if you don’t, you’ll get a penalty.


We hope those tips are helpful for you, and we always update the latest overwatch news on mmogah.com. Moreover, we provide three overwatch boosts service: Overwatch Hero Power Levelings, Overwatch Ranked Skill Rating Carries/Boosts and Calibration Matches/Placement Matches. If you need any of them, don't hesitate to visit us.



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