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Overwatch: The 22nd Hero Preview - Sombra

Overwatch has been released for nearly one month, and over 10 million players have joined in the game. As you know, Overwatch fans are never satisfied, and they are looking ahead to the game’s future.

On the surface, Overwatch seems like just a wacky, team-based multiplayer first person shooter. Don’t let that fool you thought. Overwatch hides some secrets which nobody has found yet according to Blizzard.

Overwatch fans are always concern about the game's new update, if there has any clue, they will research it.

There are total 21 heroes in Overwatch now. There are some clues show that the 22nd hero and new map will be added in the game. A new hero - Sombra has been alluded and hinted at several times.

- They found something interesting message about Sombra on the Dorado map;


overwatch maps

- They got some brainstorming around the skills Sombra might have - updated on 25 April 2016;

– New Sombra picture was seen in the game. This is laying around in spawn room at the map (Temple of Anubis) - updated on 6 May 2016;


overwatch sombra


- Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan says that a new hero will be added to the game, rather than in batches, and the released date is based on official site.


Sombra is the Spanish word “Shadow”, and the latest short subject takes place in Mexico. Blizzard has also released lore that is based in Mexico, involving a newly constructed nuclear power plant and a reference to an event called “La Medianoche.”

Fans also speculated that Sombra will be added in Overwatch animated short subject" hero" and set in the Dorado map in the most recent period, or they might see Sombra will be announced and revealed in the Soldier: 76 video. A hero can fight against a villain in the short subject, such as Winston vs. Reaper, Tracer vs. Widowmaker, Genji vs. Hanzo, but they have no idea who will fight against Solder: 76. Now Sombra appears in Soldier's 76 files and she is possibly Soldier's 76 rival. Soldier 76's mission is to bring down some heroes who want to brought down Overwatch, and his target is bring down all kinds of shady operations.  

A related theory says that she is Pharah’s dead mother, due to the similarity in armor style and the character was a great warrior. Sombra appears to have a long-range weapon, and there's speculation that she will play a support role.


overwatch team

A series of clues showed that Sombra will be coming. You need to get ready before Sombra comes, and you can buy Overwatch boosting to reach a high level. If you want to buy overwatch power leveling, Mmogah.com is your great choice.



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