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Overwatch Soldier 76 - A Brave Hero with High-Powered Rifle


Blizzard's new competitive shooter - Overwatch has launched, and it becomes one of the most talked games these days. You do not need a high-end PC to play, but it will offer you eye-catching visual if you have a powerful machine

Maybe you don't know which is the best hero in Overwatch when you begin to play the game.  That’s a tricky question. Almost all the heroes are good, if you play the hero correctly, it will win the matches, but what does mean of playing the hero correctly in a game? It means that the hero favours teamwork more than one lone wolf, so we will choose hero - Soldier 76 first. Let Mmogah tell you why we choose this hero.


Soldier 76 is a typical "Call of Duty" type character, running into combat cunningly and dealing massive damage with his pulse rifle. 

Soldier 76 advantages

- He is the most well rounded of the Assault heroes;

- He is a flexible Offense hero who able to sprint across the battlefield, because of that, he has decent scouting abilities;

- As a type of Offense hybrid, his healing aura (Biotic Field) can put down his teammates along with his longer range rifle and helix rockets. 

- He moves quickly with handheld firefight to traverse the map. If you choose this hero, it is a great choice for you to find your feet in Overwatch;

Make sure you remember to try and stay at a medium range against all your opponents.


Here's a quick rundown of how each of his core Abilities work in battle.

Heavy Pulse Fire [LMB] - Soldier 76's standard weapon. It's the kind of high-powered, laser firing pulse rifle that you've seen in many games before, and can rattle off a rapid series of shots through the target's health pool.

Damage: 17 per shot

Ammo: 25

Total: 425

Helix Rockets [RMB] - When you are ready to kill the enemies, you need to switch over to the Soldier's Helix Rockets by hitting the right-mouse button, and then fire a big pile of rockets into your opponent's face. You also get a good bit of splash damage when firing at multiple targets, and it's a good way to take out high HP unit.

Damage: 120

Splash: Varies (80 cap)

Sprint [SHIFT] - Holding down the Shift button allows Soldier 76 to gain a temporary burst of speed. It is great for catching up with the rest of the team members after respawning, it can also help you to make a break for safety. The cooldown on this skill is pretty short too, so make sure to keep eyes on its availability at all times.

Biotic Shield [E] - Along with his impressive burst damage, Soldier 76 brings a little utility program to the team fight in the form of Biotic Shield Ability. Drop one of these fellas onto the floor and you'll not only provide yourself with a heal-over-time boost, you'll also provide the same benefit to any friendly hero who is close to you.

Healing: 35 per second

Duration: 5 seconds

Tactical Visor [Q] - Soldier: 76's Ultimate ability is a powerful thing indeed, and it is best used in focus on the squishiest characters in front of you if you want to get the most out of it each time.

overwatch soldier 76

 Soldier 76 disadvantages

- The lack of specialization with his weapons or abilities;

- No vertical movement; a little impact on your ultimate when compared to other Assault heroes;

- The lack of powerful close range damage makes him less effective at flanking than heroes like Genji or Reaper, so he tends to serve his team best by staying with them and helping them out with suppressive fire from Heavy Pulse Rifle and healing from Biotic Field.

-Applying damage and maintaining distances at midrange can be really tricky. Against characters like Reinhardt with his shield, or Mei's ice wall, Soldier 76 is really easy to shut down. If you’re out of position, and Reaper or Tracer manage to get in close, not even your Biotic Field will save you.


All in all, it is easy to learn his skills and play this role but difficult to master his technique, making him a great pick for new players and veterans. If you have no energy to master the high technique, you can seek help from a reliable Overwatch power leveling store.



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