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Overwatch Mercy Is Known for Her Resurrective Power

"Heroes Never Die"

Unlike other support characters, Mercy has a singular purpose: keeping heroes alive.

overwatch mercy

Mercy is the primary choice of healer for new players in Overwatch. She is the generic healer of Overwatch‘s support group, and she can attack, but her focus is in healing and buffing her allies, which can keep heroes standing against the toughest of assaults. Fortunately, Mercy has some weapons can keep her ability be resurrected, even the fallen heroes can turn the tide in a match. A great Mercy floats across the battlefield, bringing strength to her team. Here Mmogah as a professional and experienced overwatch boost seller guides you to Mercy's abilities, advantages, weaknesses and how to play her well.


Caduceus Staff

caduceus staff

It is a channeled ability that can only be used on allies.  Mercy has a choice to heal her allies by 50 Health per second, or damage boost her allies by +30% additional damage output.

Mercy's top priority is to keep her teammates' health and boost their damage. The default controls for the staff are: The primary fire to heal, and secondary fire to damage boost allies. I recommend using the healing beam to keep all the allies healed up. The healing beam from her Caduceus Staff is strong enough to heal through many attacks.

Keep in mind that Mercy can't stack damage boost with another Mercy.


Caduceus Blaster

caduceus blaster

Mercy shoots a round from her sidearm. It's best reserved for emergency personal defense.

Mercy's Caduceus Blaster is actually quite powerful. Her blaster gun works similar to D.va's Human blaster gun, but Mercy's is much stronger than D.va's.  Mercy's blaster is not used for many times, since it can't be used with Caduceus Staff's healing and damage boost beam at the same time. 

Automatic Reloading
Keep in mind that Mercy's blaster will automatically reload, when she switches back to her Caduceus Staff, as long as she gives it the full reloading time for one second.

Weapon Hotkeys
The default hotkeys scheme is "1" for Caduceus Staff and "2" for changing to Caduceus Blaster. Only one button is used for switching weapons.


Guardian Angel

guardian angel

Keep in mind that Mercy can use Guardian Angel to fly towards an ally while having her blaster out and firing at the same time, allowing her to reach ally quickly and providing assistance at the crucial moment.

Mercy can float around the entire map with ease, and she also can use this ability as an escape tool.

Ultimate: Resurrect

ultimate resurrect

It is considered one of the most powerful ultimate in Overwatch. She radiates restorative power, bringing back all nearby dead allies to life, which can easily change the tide of the battle in her favor. If the whole team has died pushing into a point, Mercy can bring the entire team back to life, putting the enemy on their heels.  

Using Resurrect correctly is key to playing Mercy, since Resurrect only works within 10 seconds for an ally's death, so it's good to understand where your teammates died and how many teammates died on that spot.



- Mercy is lack of selfdefense ability;

- She can only heal one player at a time;

- She can't do any damage while she is healing or damage boost a teammate;

- She is beaten down by the enemy due to her fragility and importance.


How to Play Mercy Well

There are several factors that can make the difference between an average Mercy and an outstanding one. Choose when to boost damage instead of heal, the correct timing for your ultimate, the subtleties of a pistol's use and positioning yourself as Mercy in order to stay as safe as possible.

Keep in mind that Mercy is not a fighter. Don't try to fight in the battlefield.

Being an effective Mercy also requires having a good understanding with other heroes. With a resilient team, Mercy would like to spend much more time in shadowing heroes of high damage, such as McCree, Widowmaker, or Roadhog, using Mercy's damage boost to make them more lethal. When a hero starts taking too many hits, using Guardian Angel to zip over and heal them up.

A big problem is that many players unwilling to use her ultimate ability - Resurrect, due to fear other heroes will die shortly after that. In some cases, it may be a smart decision, especially during the final push of a map, but in a lot of instances, it is worth to bring back even one or two heroes' life.

Above guides were written based on our extensive experience playing the game, and they are relying on our rich FPS experience, so if you have any need of boosting service, we can provide trustworthy and fast overwatch boosting service for you.

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