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Overwatch Lucio - Why to Choose Lucio and How to Use the Skills

"My heart beats for Brazil. I get inspired by the people here. Their struggles and their triumphs. I want to share that energy—the energy of their lives—with the rest of the world."

Lucio is a highly sought after Support Hero that's arguably the strongest in Overwatch. Lucio is a performer, DJ, and freedom fighter from Brazil who specializes in sonic technology to damage his enemies and support his allies.

Lucio is one of the most important heroes to master in Overwatch. To help you along your way, Mmogah gives a breakdown of Lucio's abilities and how you can use them efficiently. If you like the idea of playing a support but aren’t fond of having to babysit heroes, such as Mercy, Lucio provides a great alternative.


Sonic Projectiles

sonic projectiles

Lucio's main weapon is a Sonic Projectiles that uses low frequency sound waves to fire sonic projectiles to beat his enemies back.  As a support hero, his Sonic Amplifier plays two different songs that can buff his teammates, either a gentle and calm song to heal or an up and exciting song to increase speed. 

The primary fire will shoot out a burst of four sonic projectiles, dealing damage to any target they hit. The secondary fire will shoot out a short ranged cone-shaped blast of sound that deals damage and beats back any enemy.

Tip - Your alternative fire can work amazingly well at knocking players off ledges on maps, such as Ilios or Nepal. So try to make use of it.


Wall Ride

wall ride 

Lucio can use this ability to climb certain walls, so long as he has enough time. By pressing the "jump button" quickly while using Wall Ride, Lucio can gain more vertical height, allowing him to hop on the side of walls.

Wall Ride can be used on almost any vertical surface, including the pillars at the final point of Temple of Anubis. Try to skate on every surface if it can be used with Wall Ride.

Using Wall Ride can throw off your opponents. Keep in mind that your vertical position is fixed while using Wall Ride, and you cannot change direction, so extending time on a wall is good for you.




Crossfade can create a continuous and permanent aura around Lúcio, affecting all allies within a large area who are within his line of sight. Lucio can activate Crossfade to switch between two different versions of this aura:

Crossfade (Healing Boost) aura is very strong when the team is in range and line of sight of Lúcio

Crossfade (Speed Boost) can help the team ran away from the fight faster.

Tip - Speed can mitigate lots of incoming damage, enemies are hard to hit Lucio.


Amp It Up 

amp it up 

Amp It Up has a long cooldown. Try to use it tactically, rather than simply activate it whenever it's available.

This ability increases the volume on his speakers, essentially increasing the effectiveness of his two songs for a short period of time.  Lucio is also equipped with rollerblades that enables him to move fast, and even ride along walls, which can help him to get those hard to reach places.


Sound Wave

sound wave

This ability is very useful for disrupting the enemy team, and can also beat off the enemies from the map.

Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier unleashes a heavy blast that pushes enemies back. It’ll take some practice, but using this ability when falling to death, which can really make Soundwave shine.


Sound Barrier 

sound barrier

Sound Barrier is a versatile ultimate ability that can be used both offensively and defensively, granting the team near invulnerability for a few seconds and allowing him to survive than other enemies.

If Lucio is killed before the cast time of Sound Barrier is finished, Sound Barrier will not be activated. Try to use it preemptively when you suspect your team is about to take heavy damage, rather than using it in a panic.


Lucio is strong against

Reaper: Lucio's Speed aura helps him and his team to run away from Reaper's deadly close up shotguns.  Lucio's Soundwave can beat back approaching Reaper. Sound Barrier can be used to save his whole team from Reaper's Death Blossom.

Winston: Like as Reaper, Lucio has multiple ways to keep away from Winston's close up attacks. 

Genji:  Lucio's speed and heal auras work nicely against Genji's shuriken.  Speed aura will make it much harder for Genji to land shuriken on Lucio, and heal up any shuriken damage.

Mei:  Mei's freeze gun up close can be devastating, but luckily Lucio can use Soundwave to keep her away from him, which gives Lucio enough time to move away from her freeze gun. 

Roadhog:  It's generally hard for Roadhog to Chain Hook Lucio, due to his fast mobility. Sound Barrier can also be used to save an ally who is chained in by Roadhog.


Luico is weak against

Pharah:  Lucio's sonic projectiles are not fast enough to aim at her. We have introduced pharah's ability in last article: An aggreesive Pharah, and you can learn more.

Zarya:  Try to keep Lucio's distance from Zarya, because his short range particle beam does more damage than Lucio's longer range charged shots. 

Ana: This is a new hero, you can click Ana's ability to learn more. Ana's Biotic Grenades are a huge threat to Lucio and his heal aura.


All in all, we hope this guide can help you to master Lucio hero easily. Of course, if you are busy, have no time to learn more or level up, I recommend you to choose mmogah.com which can provide 100% handwork and secure overwatch boost service to you. Trust us, and we won't let you down.


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