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Overwatch: How to Win the Assault Game Mode and Maps

Until now, ten million players have taken part in the game - Overwatch, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games. Easy to pick up, hard to put down; simple to learn, much harder to master, which is the real reason that most players thirst for the game.

There are four main game modes can play your role, including: Assault, Escort, Control and a hybrid of Assault/Escort. All game modes require different strategies or skills. Today Mmogah as a professional Overwatch boost site will share some tips with you: How to win in Assault game mode and maps.

Assault is a game mode in Overwatch, which the Attacking and Defending teams must attempt to take or defend capture points across the maps.
Both team battle over the maps, one team on offense, the other on defense. The attackers' goal is to capture critical objectives, while the defenders must maintain control over them until time runs out.


1. General tips 

- Fight on the points.

- Don’t go with solo, push as a team.

- Synchronize your units for maximum impact to capture the points.

- Symmetra is a huge asset for defenders to hold on to the first capture point.


2. The Assault maps are Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries. Let’s dig in strategies for each maps.


"Flower Village" is located in Japan, who is the home city of Hanzo and Genji.

It is a beautiful suburb with temple grounds that is overshadowed by a giant castle. Attackers start off inside an arcade and have to work their way through a cherry blossom ladened battlefield as they attempt to infiltrate the castle.

overwatch Hanamura

First capture point

- Offense: It is hard to breach the first chokepoint, because it’s easily defended with one entry point. Just try to cross over the walls.

- Getting from the defenders’ spawn area to the first capture point can take a long time. If Symmetra around here, who can help to speed up, though you want to switch out from her, even if the attackers manage to capture her.

- A strong Widowmaker on defense can make it incredibly difficult for attackers to breach the area.

- Mei’s Ice Wall can completely seal off the archway and temporarily stall the team.

Second capture point

- Many defenses would like to stay close to the final capture point when it is active. A keen defender can sneak outside and harass unsuspecting attackers.

- Controlling the high ground is one of the key points for attackers. Without that, the defense can only concentrate on the main entrance and the balcony side.

- Especially some heroes like Genji, D.Va, and Pharah can get onto the balcony attached to the second and final capture point. Just try to push, and they can enter the balcony side and through the front entrance.


Volskaya Industries

It is a Russian company that primarily produces giant robotics - Svyatogor, you can see them stomp around the map.

overwatch Volskaya Industries

First capture point

- Attackers are attempting to capture a point that’s out in the open with minimal cover for defenders, except for a shed next to it that contains the valuable health packs.

- Defenders have a clear line of sight to anyone who’s in the process of capturing it. Set up a Widowmaker or a turret in one of the buildings nearby with an easy vantage point to the capture area.

Second capture point

- The second point is a nightmare for attackers to try to capture.

- For attackers, if you happen to run into turrets, make them move by lobbing grenades or rockets in their general direction.

- If your attack is right, the offensive team can sneak in through these floating platforms that can ferry you in through a side entrance.

- There are a variety of places to hide and corners to use. The corridor length is a challenge for attackers to sneak in or get up close to try to dislodge defenders.

Temple of Anubis

It is located in Egypt and situated at the base of a technological pyramid at which AI experiments are being conducted. It holds a secret vital to the security of the region, and it is protected by Helix Security systems.

overwatch Temple of Anubis

First capture point

- Like Hanamura, there’s only one major way into the capture point. Lucio with his speed aura allows attackers to quickly slip into side alleys or buildings.

- Defenders would like to employ Symmetra’s teleport, since the distance from the defender spawn to the first capture point.

- Expect quite a bit of close quarters works here as the first capture point is surrounded by dwellings that players can hide inside.

Second capture point

- Attackers can coordinate their movement, so they can sneak up through the side tunnels while another group of players mount a frontal attack.

- Junkrat or Zarya can launch grenades towards the capture point here and might be able to damage anyone standing near it.

- A Widowmaker or Hanzo can be beneficial due to their Infra-Sight and Sonic Arrow keeping tabs on where attackers are from.

3. Recommended characters

McCree: A well-timed Deadeye can neutralize a chunk of defenders off the point. In most games, the defenders generally stay on top of the point or near it, so all McCree get into a clear line of sight and let them ultimate rip.

Widowmaker: This French assassin is perfect for relaying movement information for either side. Activating Infra-Sight can give attackers the jump when making a move in assaulting and controlling a point.

Symmetra: The first capture point is far from the spawn point. Turrets can be deployed in certain and act as early alarms in case an attacker tries to sneak in through a side route.

Bastion: A staple for most defensive teams. Bastion can act as a deterrent or singlehandedly punish anyone that tries to attack a point from a certain direction.

Tracer: She has annoying habit of getting in close and harassing player. Pulse Bomb can knock out and eliminate players defending the capture point.

Overwatch is not a simple game, and it takes much time and energy, maybe you will quickly become overwhelmed, at this time, you can buy Overwatch boosting to help you to level up and win the matches.

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