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How to Level Up Fast and Get Loot in Overwatch

Do you like the fast-paced team shoot video game but hate having to become a master of precision aiming skills? Overwatch is for you. Like many games, you can acquire experience points (or XP) when playing matches. The XP can be gained from PVP and PVE matches. Of course, because of the nature of the game, you will receive more XP from quick matches due to the higher difficulty involved in playing against other players. Here Mmogah guides a breakdown of the game’s XP system, how to level up fast and get loot in overwatch.


The XP requirement will be increased as leveling up. It means that you have to spend more time or energy playing to earn more XP and unlock more stuff. Considering there isn't showing the ratio of kill/death at the end of each match, we advise you to use teamwork and try to use your abilities more than to kill each other.

The amount of XP you receive from a match is based upon many factors. Note that there are no currently known limits on how high you can level up in Overwatch.

Here's the latest info on how XP is gained in the game

- 4.01 XP is gained for each second that you are active in a match.
- 300 XP is awarded based on the highest medal you earned. Gold Medals are worth 150 XP, Silver Medals are worth 100 XP, and Bronze Medals are worth 50 XP.
- 250 XP is awarded, if you are in the match until the end of the game, no matter the outcome.
- 500 XP is awarded, if your team wins the match.

Here's the latest breakdown of the XP for levelling up in Overwatch

You are acquired earn the amount of XP to reach each level. It grows incrementally, but once you reach level 23, the amount of XP scale to unlock a new level remains 22,000 as the standard. The good part is that the amount of XP can't higher than 22,000, Overwatch becomes a bit grind when you really get into it. If you want to get XP only by grinding, it is hard to boost Overwatch power rankings, you can seek help from a reliable Overwatch power leveling site.

overwatch XP

How to get Loot?

A random selection of customization options comes in Loot Boxes - you'll unlock one box every time as leveling up. Loot Boxes are one of the most popular items in Overwatch. Loot is divided into four categories: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You are guaranteed at least one Rare item from each Loot Box you open.

These boxes are also completely randomized, it means that nobody tells you what you can get and when you can open them, and you can receive duplicate items sometimes. Loot items include: Hero skins, new emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, highlight intros and avatars - all these items are cosmetic only. You will be awarded an unknown amount of in-game credits to acquire any specific cosmetic you want and receive a new Portrait Frame every 10 levels (until you've earned them all).

overwatch loot

Loot Boxes can be opened from the main menu, you can unlock new customization options to make your heroes look and sound unique on the battlefield. First, head to the main menu and select the Hero Gallery option, then you can see all your options and how many you’ve unlocked. Heroes have 10 different skins, so you’ve got your work cuts out for you. You’d better carry on playing if you want to eventually unlock all Loot Boxes.

All in all, we hope the above information is helpful for you to level up fast. As a professional site, we always share the Overwatch guide with you, so don't hesitate to visit us.

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