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How to Improve Your Win Rates in Overwatch

Overwatch is a both simple and complicate game. It is easy to start playing without applying many strategies or thinking too hard about your characters. It's fine to jump in and start blasting when you first get access. However, building and maintaining a positive win rate is not so simple. If you're struggling to improve your win rates, here some critical tactics are showed by a professional overwatch power leveling seller.


Switch You Hero

This is one of the most important parts in Overwatch. You can switch your hero, depending on the map, the portion of the match, and your opponents. The game requires you to continually make adjustment in your playstyle from moment to moment, and think about your team's changing needs over the course of a game.

If you are having trouble guarding a strategic location or are failing miserably at creating choking points for the enemy, you should realize that a tank hero like D.Va is just not built for that! Switch to Widowmaker or Hanzo, you will see how easy it is to build for that, so you really have no reason to stay with the same character. Eliminations and XP are pooled across all characters, so do the situation calls for. It is imperative that your team composition includes one of all four roles, such as an Offense, a Defense, a Support, and a Tank.


Play Tank and Support

Many players will choose McCree as their first hero, since his rugged and menacing character. However, although McCree makes good offense, you need to realize that he’s not really that good when it comes to improving your win rates.

The majority of new Overwatch players do not want to play tank, and few players want to play support. Overwatch isn't a game about kills or skill shots, but it's a game about objectives. You have to be extremely good at an offensive character or sniper to match the contribution of a decent support.

overwatch tank and support


Choose Tracer to start

Tracer is one of the most popular characters in the game, so if you haven’t picked up this character yet, you can choose Tracer. She might be a good character to start, usually the most popular character is the easiest one to use, so although there are a few handy fighters you can choose to help you on your beginning way, Tracer’s akimbo pulse pistols might be able to help you.

overwatch tracer

Shoot, shoot, repeat!

This is the most obvious advice to a shooter player. In any first-person shooter game, you cannot win a match only firing a single shot. Here we emphasize the importance of firing shots in Overwatch.

In the game, you actually get rewarded for firing as many shots as possible! So shoot when you see McCree is lurking behind an object, Reinhardt is shielded, a Bastion in the distance even if he can heal himself, Torbjorn's turret or Symmetra's stuff.

You must choose your hero cleverly. Choosing suitable heroes is going to help you stack high damage numbers against your enemy. This requires you to compare heroes’ projectiles that are fast or slow, compare heroes' burst damage are high or low. For example: Symmetra’s alt fire is really slow, but Zenyatta’s alt fire is quick and precise.

Aim for the floor

Hanzo’s arrow splits into multiple projectiles upon firing, the attack becomes much more effective if you aim the arrow at the ground, as the bounce usually causes the projectile to hit enemy’s chest or head.

Basically, you are going to get good at trick shots, but when you do that, it’ll be more brilliant.

overwatch aim for the floor

Practice psychological warfare

"Psychological warfare" means throwing grenades into choke points to scare other players away from charging. Now players are turning to scare tactics on their opponents, and you can try to do it.


Bastion is beatable

This character is the best defense hero for new players. Bastion is a mechanized and military monster with a gigantic mini gun on his back. We have introduced bastion's character in last article: Best heroes in four combat categories, and you can visit this article to learn more.

Sniping is useful

Rarely a game goes by without a Widowmaker or a Hanzo on your team. It’s a skill set that many FPS players possess, just make sure that you’re using it to further your team.


Keep Your Ears Peeled

In Overwatch, the sound effects from your enemy are played much louder than those from your own team, and every single ultimate in the game has a very distinctive sound cue, so it is imperative that you use quality headphone or install a good sound system. You can use this ability to add your advantage. With a good headphone, you can pick up the enemy firing his ultimate and evade the attack effectively.

Following those tips will certainly help you to improve your win rates in Overwatch. If you feel hard to master them or have not much energy to practice, you'd better ask a reliable and swift overwatch boost site for help. Mmogah has more than 10 years' experience in the gaming industry, which can provide the great service for you. 

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