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Guide to Loot Boxes in Overwatch

There is no true progression system in Overwatch. The only benefit to level up is earning Loot Boxes, which is a pretty good benefit. Loot boxes are one of the most sought after items in Overwatch. Each box contains a handful of cosmetic items, which are divided into: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You should receive at least one Rare item or other item from each loot box you open. These items will be dropped completely random when you open it.

Hundreds of different items are available from loot boxes, including: skins, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, victory poses, sprays, highlight reels, player icons, and credits. Unlike the rest, credits aren't a cosmetic item, but they can be used to buy cosmetic items. They’ll show up in your loot box randomly when you open a loot box. As a reliable Overwatch boosting site, Mmogah would like to guide you on Loot Boxes.


overwatch loot boxes


This is a good way to personalize your characters and make them stand out, and each skin will persist through all characters animations. Some skins are simple palettes swap, but some ones are added different features to characters, such as the Reys skin for Reaper and the Morrison skin for Soldier: 76; some ones contain rare color variations and legendary skins, such as Safari Winston or Punk Tracer.


Taunt your enemies and cheer on your allies with a series of new in-game emotes.

Hit C and then move your mouse to your option.

Voice lines

Chat up your fellow with a variety of new voice lines available through the communications wheel by hitting C and moving your mouse to the correct space.

Victory poses

Strike a pose and tailor how your hero appears in your team after he/she has won a battle.


A graphic you can paint onto the wall. Some sprays unlock for all characters, but some ones for specific characters, such as the pink shield is only for Zarya.

Highlight reels

The animation can showcase your characters after you have selected a gameplay.

Player Icons

Customize your player profile with an icon reflecting your favorite character and ability.


How do you get these cosmetic items from loot boxes? 

- You can collect loot boxes by earning XP through completing tasks, we have introduced this part in the article: What is the best way to make credit in Overwatch;

- You can collect loot boxes through earning medals.

Medals are awarded for eliminations, you need to win the match then attain the Medals. The XP for these medals doesn’t stack, so if you receive multiple medals in a match you’ll only get the XP for the highest medal earned, and only once per match.

Bronze Medal: 50 XP
Silver Medal: 120 XP
Gold Medal: 150 XP

- You can purchase more Loot Boxes with real money. You're relying completely on the Random Number God to smile upon you when it comes to skin collecting.



After opening many loot boxes, you may get a duplicate item. When you do it, the game automatically converts the item into “Credits,” If it is rare item, you will get more credits than common ones. You can use credits to buy all the items except player icons.

If a Loot Box contains an item that is already in your collection, it will instead receive a new in-game currency that can be spent in the Hero Gallery to unlock cosmetic items you have not already own. Credits can also be gained randomly from Loot Boxes - the higher the quality of "credit pile" received, the more credits it contains. If you want to make credits fast, you can buy Overwatch boost service to help you to farm Overwatch credits.

If you want to open a loot box, you can navigate the main menu, click the "Loot Box" option, bring up the Escape menu or click the bright orange "Open Loot Box" button. You can open a loot box at a time, and players will have a chance to preview or equip your new items before moving to the next Loot Box.


All in all, it’s important to note that all of these items are purely cosmetic, which means they won't provide any additional gameplay advantage. However, they will give you a plethora of ways to express yourself within the world of Overwatch.





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