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BETA Limited-time 5% Discount to Celebrate the Brand New Version of MmoGah

By Alice2023-09-07

We are excited to announce that the brand new version of MmoGah website has entered the BETA testing phase in September 2023. The all-new MmoGah has been developed using new technologies and designs, not only achieving fast speed, but also featuring modern page styles, with a focus on putting users first.

Beta Testing


To show our appreciation to the customers participating in the BETA testing, we are offering a limited-time promotion activity of 5% discount on all orders placed during the event period.


BETA Discount Details:

1. You just need to proceed with your purchase as usual. You will see the Beta discount automatically issued by our system on the payment page.

2. The Beta discount applies to all games and products.

3. On top of the Beta discount, you can also enjoy membership discount.

4. The duration of the Beta testing phase will vary depending on the actual circumstances. During the entire Beta testing period, you can enjoy the discount repeatedly.


BETA Discount


If you encounter any problems or bugs during the Beta testing, please contact us via Live Chat or send them to our official Email ( We will optimize and improve the website as soon as possible to make it more perfect.


Thank you for your contributions to the brand new version of MmoGah. We sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding, and support. We hope that the all-new MmoGah can provide you with a better user experience.







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