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The Most Practical Fake Skill Moves in FIFA 17

In FIFA 17 ultimate team, there are a lot of new Skill Moves we can learn. Use these skill moves well can help you make progress on attacking.

We have introduced No touch dribbling, Berba spin and heel chop skill moves before. Here we continue introducing other practical skill moves, and guide you how to break through defensive lineup easy.


Face-UP Dribbling


The most simple and overpowered skill move is Face-up dribbling, which can easily beat opponents and comfortably be used anywhere on the pitch at almost any time. Most of the players will use this skill move, since it is easy to operate, and it has good effect of controlling rhythm and breaking through a small circle space.

How to perform it?

Holding both the trigger buttons down, that’s the RT+LT buttons for the Xbox console, or L2+R2 on PlayStation. You have to do this when you’ve got possession of the ball, otherwise you’ll be doing the running jockey movement instead.

The way in which to use this to great effect is to face up backwards or in a certain direction slowly and then release the LT/L2 button, and move in the opposite direction. Think about it, the two controls used for this is the pace control and the sprint button, is you let go of the pace control, and then you will be left with your finger on the left analogue stick and the running button.

This gives your player an astonishingly good speed boost that fools most opposition defenders, no matter what the level of the players. You may have to diversify your tactics and be a little unpredictable to stop them from guessing which direction you’re going to exit in.

It’s amazing for getting that extra yard of space in tight areas, it is good for all places on the football pitch including midfield and obviously up front and on the wings.


Fake Shot Turn

It's easy to do with players. The function of this skill move is to open up space, and the opponents have no chance to dribble with. Here are some effective ways to play this skill move.

First, power up your shot, then cancel it by pressing one of your pass buttons. While cancelling, move the left stick in a different direction and voila, you've successfully pulled off the fake shot turn. Most players use a fake shot turn at long range to make you think they're going for the long shot. Don't expect a high rate of success.

Second, when you're passing forward, waiting at the edge of the box. Be patient, switch to the right player, and do the right tackle, make a fake shot turn for the easy goal.


Fake Pass

When you are stuck by opponent's defender, and you don't have chance to pass ball, Fake Pass can help you break through the defensive line. Just change the direction, and you can pass the ball easily.

Fake Pass Controls

Xbox one - Hold RT, press X, and then press A.

PS4 - Hold R2, press X.

Either of these will work, but I always use the fake pass control, as it is more forgiving, you will get more time before you press A.


Scoop Turn


The scoop turn is fantastic, since it can quickly open up space whether you in the midfield or near the opponent' box. It requires you to have at least 4 star skills, which allows you to change direction extremely quickly, and can be used effectively across the entire patch.

Here are some tips to use it effectively. 

- Most players want to rotate their stick to do quarter circle rotations, half circle, three quarter, etc. It relies on where you want to change direction, and where your player with the ball currently. It is important to use this technique, since you don't want to do the wrong skill move, lose the ball, and get counter attacked. 

- You should not move too quickly at the start of the skill move. If your speed is too high, quickly trap the ball (L2/LT) to slow down, and then do your scoop. You can also use the scoop turn to open midfield space and take long shots. However, you scoop turn doesn't work always. 


V Drag Back (Standing)

A new addition in the latest FIFA installment, and it may have already cemented its place as a personal favorite. The V drag back can be performed while standing still, which adds a bit of versatility while attacking. Ideal for using against defenders which rush in, and not bad for winning a few penalties along the way either, if you’re that type of immoral being.


Fake Throw In


The Fake Throw In is a great way to misdirect your opponent creating vital space, which need you to safely get the ball back and continue dominating possession.

Just switch between a couple of players, follow the throwers' direction and wait for the ball to come in to play.

It was made easier last year with the ability to control the receiving player, but FIFA 17 takes it to the next level.


Hope these tips can be a little helpful for you. Also you can learn more tips on mmogah.com. If you are need coins for your FIFA 17 game, come to our website to get fast fifa 17 coins right now.

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