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The Latest Update for FIWC 17

Marcus Gomes had one goal heading into the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC).

In a game like FIFA, while certain players are better than others and there’s a gap in skills, when it comes to one-off game, anything can really happen.

Gomes became the A-League’s first esports FIFA player after signing with Melbourne City on August 15.

A 20-year-old FIFA fanatic, enthusiastic local footballer and regular eSports competitor, Gomes is the third FIFA player to sign with a City Football Group owned team, alongside New York City FC’s Christopher Holly and Manchester City’s Kieran Brown.

Melbourne City FC has become the first club in Australia to sign an official FIFA eSports player: Melbourne-based Marcus Gomes who is the sole Australian competing against 31 of the world’s best FIFA gamers at the tournament in London from August 16-18 (UK time).

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The university student -Gomes needed to finish in the top four places in his group to earn a spot in the Quarter-Finals. But after seven games against top-class opposition from around the world, Gomes was left with just six points and a goal difference of negative five. Competing with seven group stages matches, and he was knocked out of the tournament.

While Gomes’s bid of taking out the grand prize of $250,000 is finished, there’s still one day of FIFA action to determine the 2017 FIWC winner.


Key date

August 18 - Final Showdown, 1:30am to 3:30am (Grand Final)


How FIWC Works

The 32 competitors at the FIWC qualified for the tournament via a series of live qualifying events that were split into three regions; Europe, the Americas, and Rest of the World.

Each player qualified on their chosen console - Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and were sorted into one of four groups of eight players accordingly.

There were two Xbox groups and two PlayStation groups, and Gomes was in PlayStation Group 2.

The top four players from every group moved onto the knockout rounds, where they will play-off in the Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals and Grand Final.

The Grand Final between the two gamers left standing (one from each console) is played over two legs - one on Xbox and one on PlayStation.


Who are the players you should watch?

After the groups were drawn, Xbox Group 2 was deemed the “Group of Death”, as it included three big contenders for the title.

France’s Rockky and Hollands’ Dani both progressed, but a major shock was England’s Tass finishes bottom of the group.

Rockky was one of one of three players who finished the day undefeated, along with Italy’s Iceprincipe (PlayStation Group 1 winner) and Germany’s Codyderfinisher (Xbox Group 2 winner).

France’s Maniika finished the top of Gomes’s PlayStation Group 2, and only suffered one defeat along the way.

However, both Maniika and Rockky were the group stage’s top scorers with 19 goals. Maniika is the only player left in London who also participated in the 2016 FIWC in New York.


The best goals from the group stages

There was no shortage of stunning goals on the first day of competition.

From N’Golo Kante long-range stunners to last-minute winners decided by goal line technology.


2017 FIWC Grand Final winner will come out soon. For more fifa updates, you can click fifa news.

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